Are the Outcomes of Elections Predestined?

I’m writing this article on November 7, the day before the 2016 Presidential Election. For the last several months people have asked me who is going to win the election, like it’s something predestined, like it’s something that can be predicted. It cannot. The other side does not decide in advance who is going to win an election.

We are a people with free will. We do not come here with a destiny. We come with an intention. Some people fulfill their life intention and some don’t. No big deal. It’s a guideline not a prescription.

An election is the quintessential example of free will in action. Voters can vote for whomever they desire. You literally have millions of people making a decision at the same time about the same thing. It’s a highly charged, highly energetic world event.

I can tell you from reading the energies of the two most prominent candidates, that Hillary Clinton is a much greater vibrational match for becoming president than Donald Trump is. She wants it more, she expects it more, and she believes it more. She can literally see herself as president. Trump’s energy is a little more, “Well if I win then great, and if I don’t, that’s fine too” because he has other desires and is casting other intentions into the universe.

But still, their two energies alone do not determine the outcome of an election, because the people of America also have intentions, expectations, desires, hopes, and beliefs. So as people vote, they are pushing the meter in one direction or another. And it will come down to who gets the most votes.

The psychics out there who are making predictions are, in my opinion, doing a huge disservice to humanity. It’s disempowering to tell an entire nation that something is going to happen, because they can’t know the outcome, which means they are either lying, or trying to sway people into voting a certain way, or they are deluded.

The choice for a President is the free will choice we face every day about everything we do.

Does the other side care who wins?

The other side knows we have free will and they know that as a people we will make our beds and lie in them. They know that we are free to destroy our planet or save it. Always they watch to see what choices we will make. But they will not intervene and strip us of our ability to choose.

As with any choice you make in life, you must live with the consequences. You take an action, and there is a reaction. Always think carefully before you make decisions that will seriously impact your life. And then go boldly into the future you create for yourself.

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