Does the Movie Insidious Accurately Depict Astral Projection?

In 2010 the movie, Insidious, was released in theatres and my inbox exploded with thousands of people asking me whether the events in the movie were anything like real astral projection. I hadn’t seen the movie, and didn’t really want to, but I reassured everyone that demons can’t possess your body while you’re astral. Then… Read On

Astral Encounter: Visiting a Nearby Friend

One of the best times of night to attempt lucid dreaming or astral projection is after you wake up in the middle of the night, stay awake for about an hour, then go back to sleep. For me, that’s the perfect storm. At the very least I am guaranteed to have a lucid dream, and… Read On

Your Astral Projection Questions Answered!

How are you doing in your pursuit of astral projection? Are you stuck on anything? Do you need any assistance? Do you have any questions I can answer? I was going to do a live teleseminar to answer everyone’s astral projection questions but it’s tough to get everyone on a single call due to time… Read On

Near Death Experiences That Take Place in Hell

There has been an explosion of books and stories written about people who are having near death experiences. In most cases, the stories are quite positive. However, some NDE’ers are having hellish experiences where they report being dragged to hell, tortured, burned, and attacked by devlish beings or demons. So what gives? Is there a… Read On

The Astral Projection Guidebook is Now Available!

The wait is finally over! The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel is now available for purchase. I wrote this book in response to the thousands of emails I got from people who were trying to learn to project but were having difficulty or having terrifying experiences. This book will show you… Read On