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Why Do I Get Derailed When I Astral Project?

From a reader: “I can get out of my body pretty well now, but as soon as I decide where I want to go, I sometimes find that I am blocked from going there. For example, I tried to go to a friend’s house once, but I was derailed and just couldn’t get there. Why does that happen?”

Astral projection is the ability to consciously leave your body and travel around in spirit form. Most people who project will stay on the Earth plane and fly around, perhaps visiting friends, or just enjoying the sensation of soaring through the sky.

When you project you can essentially go wherever you want; you just need to hold the intention and allow yourself to be pulled to that location, or you can navigate your way to a friend’s house by following the streets below you or looking for landmarks.

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But when you’re astral projecting, sometimes you can’t get where you want to go. Why is that?

There can be several factors at play.

Encountering Psychic Wind

One time I left my bedroom astrally and intended to go roam around my high school. But almost as soon as I left through my window, I felt this hot wind come upon me and I started blowing down the street like a tumbleweed in the desert.

I was so shocked. It was like being in an astral riptide. I could not free myself from rolling (amusingly I might add) down a random street in my neighborhood. As soon as the wind stopped, I high tailed it back to my body to process what happened.

As it turns out, there are eddies and currents on the astral plane much like there might be in an ocean, and sometimes you are simply at the mercy of these winds or tides and they overcome your will and push you around a little.

I encountered the psychic wind probably a dozen times in my life. It didn’t come up too often and it never hurt me; it was always just surprising and shocking. But a psychic wind could be one thing that derails your plans.

Encountering Guardians Blocking You

Another factor that can block you from going someplace specific is if someone else has set up an astral guardian around the area that will attack you if you get too close. This occurred to me on several occasions when I went to visit a friend who was also well versed in astral projection.

I remember as I got close to his home I saw this dog-like little creature with red eyes, and it growled at me as I got near. It was really scary at the time because I was young and didn’t know what it could do to me. I tried to reason with it, “No, I’m a friend. Let me pass” but the creature was not swayed by my sparkling astral personality and would rush at me if I got close. I left.

The next day I told my friend what I saw when I tried to visit his house and he laughed and said “Oh you met my guard dog.” We had a conversation after that about how to post my own so my body wouldn’t be disturbed at night by roaming astral humans or entities.

So a guardian could block you from getting to a certain location. Often these are set up consciously by people who know what up. I’m told there are guardians at the White House but I’ve never checked that out.

Encountering Wards During an Astral Projection

Sometimes you can’t get somewhere because someone has placed a spell or ward on a location to prevent unwanted intruders. This is more of a force field or an energy, as opposed to an entity or creature.

A ward can prevent you from gaining access to a certain location or it could zap you a little with energy and cause you to snap back into your body, even causing you some astral injury in the process.

Wards are usually placed by high level projectors or other users of the arcane. Breaking through a ward is ill-advised. Back away slowly and try your luck somewhere else.

Having an Unfocused Will

Another factor that can cause you to get derailed on your journey is if you lose your will to go there. You may have initially thought you wanted to go visit a friend or go to a certain location but as soon as you’re astral you might find something else more interesting.

This happened to me a number of times when I went roaming and my attention was caught by either an entity up to no good, or a more interesting site to see, or I decided to journey to another frequency or time travel.

There are just so many times you can go visit a friend in their dark room where they are sleeping and try to wake them up. That can get boring.

Your will is your navigation tool, so if you lose interest in where you were going or something better comes up, you may not make it to your originally desired destination.

Someone Nabs You During Your Astral Projection

Don’t panic, but once you are out of your body you are not alone out there. There are other projectors out there at the same time you’re out there, plus there are conscious high and low vibration entities that live on the plane you’re visiting. It’s like if you decide to go swimming in the ocean don’t be surprised if a shark comes to check you out. You ARE in his domain after all.

One of them might purposely derail you by getting handsy, or in this case, energetically pulling you off course and into their clutches for a nefarious purpose. Think Venus Fly Trap.

Unfortunately for me I’ve been “nabbed” and messed around with hundreds of times by entities. Once I learned astral self-defense and how to fight the big astral bads, the fights were more fair, and eventually I didn’t worry about the low level entities at all; they were as scary as an ant to me.

But being nabbed can be quite scary and shocking and will definitely have you rushing back to your body.

So as you can see, there are many factors that can derail you on your astral journey. You don’t want to be like someone getting behind the wheel of a car without first learning the rules of the road. So before you make a habit of astral projecting, be sure you know what’s out there and how to handle it when it comes.

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Safe travels out there my fellow travelers!

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