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How Do You Know Astral Projection is Real and Not Just a Dream?

People frequently ask me if they are astral projecting while they are sleeping. I’ve seen a lot of articles where some expert claims that every time you sleep you are traveling on the astral plane.

This is not true.

Astral projection does not take place inside your mind.

It is not part of the mental construct your subconscious mind creates when you are sleeping. During sleep is where dreams take place.

When you go to sleep you are going from this reality into your subconscious mind.

But when you astral project you are going from this reality to an entirely different plane of existence; one where your body cannot follow, but your soul can travel at will.

In a dream, you will encounter dream characters who are not conscious.

In astral projection, you will encounter other conscious beings who live on that plane or who are visiting it with their soul, like you.

In a lucid dream you can control the actions of your dream characters.

In astral projection you cannot control the actions of anyone you encounter because they are their own beings with their own agendas and free will.

When you dream you are flying, it is merely a dream that you are flying. If you dream you are astral projecting, you are merely dreaming about astral projection but not actually astral projecting.

How You Will Know You’re Astral Projecting

You will know you’re astral projecting because you will wake up from sleep, be unable to move (sleep paralysis) and then feel your soul moving out of your body. For most people there will be a high pitched sound and a strong tingling sensation in your body.

Then, when you are outside of your body, you can look back at your body and see it lying there, seemingly unconscious.

You are then free to travel astrally on the prime material plane (your room, your neighborhood), or move to any one of hundreds of other frequencies (levels) of the astral plane.

When people ask me how I know astral projection is real, this is what I tell them.

When you astral project, you can go visit a friend in their home and see exactly what is happening because you are there, seeing what is physically happening in other locations.

So for example, one time I astral projected and flew to a friend’s house. I saw what he was wearing and doing and was able to later verify that with him.

I did an experiment once with a friend and had him use his white board in his home to draw a picture. On the tenth night of trying, I finally made it over to his house, saw the picture on the white board and told him what I saw. I was correct.

I saw because I was there. My body was not there, my physical eyes were not there, but my soul/spirit/consciousness was there and it witnessed what was physically happening.

You can’t do that in a dream.

In my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, I explain in detail how I learned to astral project and how to do it yourself. It does take practice, but with a guidebook you can shave years off your learning curve.

Begin by learning the basics in my Astral Projection 101 article.

Astral projection is real. It is not a dream. Anyone who has actually astral projected before knows the difference between dreaming and having an out of body experience.

It’s an incredible experience to be able to interact with other planes of existence and then go back to your body, get up and go on about your day. Give it a go if you want to experience something truly extraordinary!

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