Astral Projection: Quick Answers to Quick Questions

Below are some questions people send me about astral projection.  While all of this is covered in my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, if you want to whet your appetite a bit, read on.

Is it safe to astral project?

That’s like asking if it’s safe to drive in a car.  If you operate the vehicle safely, drive within the speed limit, and don’t hit anything, you should have a great trip.  But if you speed, or you’re impaired, or you don’t know how to drive, it’s going to be a little unsafe.

For your best success with astral projection, you’ll want to learn what’s out there before you open that door, how to handle it if it’s nasty, and how to focus your efforts on having an amazing positive experience.

Can anyone achieve astral projection?

I don’t know that for sure, but I do know a person can increase their chances significantly if they study it and practice as much as possible. You have to be willing to put in the work to get the result you want.

Has anyone ever projected and never returned?

We have no way of knowing that because if they didn’t return it would look like they died in their sleep.   I have had some truly harrowing experiences on the astral plane, including some entities trying to make me think I was not allowed to go back to my body, but I made it back every time.  

Can something enter your body while you’re astral?

I know this is a big fear for people, but there is an astral cord that attaches your body and soul and it keeps you tethered to one another.  Nothing can enter your body while you are alive, and once you’re deceased an entity will not inhabit your body.

Can you go anywhere you want while you’re astral projecting?

Yes, you can visit any location on Earth, but you can also visit other galaxies, other planes, and even other time periods.  It’s truly amazing.  

But I will tell you this, when you are astral your wants and desires can change a bit.  You’re not as keen to go look in on Suzie taking a shower, and you’re not as interested in spying on national enemies.  There’s a certain soul maturity that takes you over when you are in that state.

Still, if you desire to go somewhere, you can go there.

Why do we only astral project when we sleep?

We don’t, actually.  It’s just easier to achieve astral separation while going from a sleep state to a waking state.  The vast majority of my own astral travels occurred as I woke up from sleep, experienced sleep paralysis, initiated the separation of my astral body, and then took off like a rocket before my body decided to protest the temporary loss of its soul.

But a few times in my life, I astral projected from a complete waking state.  Like I literally got into bed and ejected from my body.  

The first time it happened to me I thought something had killed me and I was dead, because I didn’t consciously initiate the separation, I was just suddenly out and looking at my body on my bed.  I got back in and stayed there!

Sometimes people confuse dreams of astral projection with actual astral projection.  You can dream that you are flying around, but that is usually just a dream.  Real astral projection occurs from a waking state.  

That’s it for now.  Remember if you want to learn how to astral project safely check out my book on Amazon, or go here to read the first chapter for free.

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