Survey Results: Do You Believe in…?

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey last week.  We had more than 800 responses.  

I’m going to post the results here then discuss them after and share some of my thoughts.  I will also address some of the comments you sent in.

I am also aware that the sample pool was biased towards people who visit my site who likely have a stronger than average belief in the things I asked about.  If this survey had gone out to the general population I’m sure the results would be very different.

Here we go…

Do you believe in life after death?

98.2% – yes

1.8% – no  

Do you believe in reincarnation?

94% – yes

6% – no

Do you believe in angels?

91.4% – yes

8.6% – no

Do you believe in spirit guides?

96.7% – yes

3.3% – no

Do you believe in astral projection?

87.8% – yes

12.2% – no

Do you believe in lucid dreaming?

93.2% – yes

6.8% – no

Do you believe there is a God (or Source) who created the universe?

91.5% – yes

8.5% – no

Do you believe in fairies?

47.4% – yes

52.6% – no

Do you believe in aliens?

83.6% – yes

16.2% – no

Do you believe in psychics?

96.4% – yes

3.6% – no

Do you believe in chakras?

88.6% – yes

11.4% – no

Do you believe in astrology?

71.5% – yes

28.5% – no

Do you believe in Numerology?

62.8% – yes

37.2% – no

Do you believe in black magic or curses?

45.7% – yes

54.3% – no

Do you believe demons exist?

66.6% – yes (well that’s a nice coincidental number isn’t it?)

33.4% – no

Do you believe crystals have the power to affect you?

70.3% – yes

29.7% – no

Are you surprised by any of the percentages?  

I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong showing for astral projection, aliens, and life after death.

None of the other results really surprised me though they did make me happy.

Let’s go over some of these and discuss.

Life After Death

I firmly believe there is life after death, that our consciousness survives our physical death and goes back to the ether where we came from.  Apparently, most of the people who come to my site (and are willing to participate in surveys) agree.  This had the highest “yes” response rate.


It was nice to see a strong belief there as well.  I’ve known about several of my past lives, and then a few years ago I started doing past life readings for my clients and it has been tremendously insightful for my clients and myself to see how lives unfold.  

I think what has surprised me most is that even many hundreds of years ago when life was pretty difficult physically, I have seen a lot of lives that were free of major tragedies and heartache.

I have seen people impacting the planet with activities that have permeated our present day life.  A lot of you were world influencers before there was internet!


I personally don’t believe in angels from the religious viewpoint, however, I do believe there are angelic energies that protect our dimension, send us emotional support, and certainly help me on the astral plane, because that’s what I’ve seen and experienced personally and professionally.

Spirit Guides

As you might imagine, due to my profession, I have an unshakable belief in spirit guides since I communicate with my own and with my clients’ very often.  Spirit guides rock.  I can’t wait to meet my guides when I cross over.  What a reunion that’s going to be!  

I hope that you are able to communicate clearly with your own spirit guides, but if you can’t, please avail yourself of my intuition development program which will teach you how to develop the ability to talk to your guides.

Being in touch with your guides can help you avoid tragedy, pitfalls, loss of income, and help you find a great relationship and discover health issues before they become serious.  Your guides are right there to give you guidance.  Let them.

Astral Projection

This number was a lot higher than I thought it would be, and that makes me happy since I doubt most of the general population believes it’s possible for your soul to leave your body. 

If you have not tried astral projection yet, you can acquire my book on Amazon which will help you get there.  It’s “out of this world” fun.

Lucid Dreaming

One time I had a reader tell me to prove I had lucid dreams.  And I was like, “Um, hmm, I’m not really sure that’s possible.”  Other than self-reporting, how would I prove it?  I wonder if they can detect this in a lab during a sleep study or something.  Someone let me know if they’re doing that.

For those who don’t know, lucid dreaming is simply being aware that you are dreaming while you are having the dream.  Once you are lucid, you can change the course of the dream and do whatever you can imagine. It’s like God-mode in dreamland.  So wonderful!

God or Source

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I believe in a Source Consciousness that is pure love.  It’s not part of any organized religion.  For me, Source creates our souls, gives us consciousness, and allows us to incarnate if we choose, or just stay in the ether. Source imbues us with free will and does not interfere in our progress.


Well, the fairies didn’t fare too well in the survey.  I myself have mixed feelings about fairies.  I have not really encountered anything I would deem a fairy, however, I can recall a few clients who, when I tuned in to their spirit guides, found fairies instead, so that threw me.  But in all those cases, when I told my client they had fairy guides, literally none of them were surprised.

So for me the whole fairy thing needs further examination.


This number was higher than I expected.  I will tell you that for a very long time, I didn’t believe in aliens and I thought abductees were off their rocker.  But then things started happening to me that I could not deny. I hope I will get the opportunity to write a book about it because it’s been an incredible journey and I don’t write about it in my blog, for various reasons, which I also hope to one day share.


Hey, there we go!!  96.4% of you believe in psychics.  On behalf of the psychic union, I want to thank you for this honor.  There are so many intuitive out there struggling to overcome the negative stereotypes that the psychic industry is fraught with. So if you’re out there utilizing psychics, kudos to you!


I didn’t believe in chakras in my youth, but eventually I learned how to see them, tap into them, and use them to diagnose my clients’ current state with regards to abundance, passion, relationships, confidence, compassion, communication, intuition and divine connection.  I found that being able to look at a person’s chakras was an easy way to diagnose what they were going through.


I have a hard time understanding astrology.  I can’t say whether it’s real or not, but I haven’t yet had an astrological reading that I felt was accurate.  I also have a twin sister born just one minute before me and it’s hard for me to believe that that single minute allowed our planets to shift so much that we are very different people.

Someone please recommend an astrologer to me that you feel is the most amazing astrologer on the planet. As Mulder says in the X-Files, “I want to believe.”  It just hasn’t happened for me yet.


I have the same problem with numerology that I have with astrology.  I just haven’t had a reading that was spectacular yet.  I’m open, but not a believer yet.

Black Magic and Curses

A lot of you wrote that curses only work if you believe in them, and I agree with that.  I do not believe someone can cast a negative spell or curse on you and have it be effective.  

That being said, I HAVE seen people pull on the cords that energetically connect all of humanity to each other, and deliberately cause a negative vibration or intention to flow through that cord.  And I’ve seen that work a lot.  So yeah, I guess it depends on how we’re defining black magic.


I am gathering that most people who said “yes” have either had an encounter with a demon, or believe in them from the religious texts they’ve read.

I don’t like to scare people, but I have encountered demons on the astral plane many times, and when I write about it I get hate mail from lightworkers who tell me not to scare people.  But I believe that being unprepared for an encounter with a low vibration entity is to invite disaster.  I would rather people be prepared to handle a demon and never need to do it, than encounter one and be thwacked hard. 

I will say, however, that I have never met someone actually possessed by a demon and I’ve done a lot of paranormal investigations and readings.  I have seen people being influenced by a demon, but the demon is not inside of them controlling their actions.  The demon is just whispering naughty things to them.


I love crystals, but I have yet to feel like a crystal enhanced my psychic abilities or protected me from dark magic.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong.  They sure are pretty though.  Again, if someone would like to educate me or send me a magic crystal, I will keep an open mind.

The Comments

I read every comment that was sent in.  Thank you to those who took the time to discuss and clarify their beliefs.  I purposely left out a “not sure” option because mainly I was testing belief.  If you aren’t sure, then your belief is a no.

To the person who asked about witches, I didn’t want to use that word as it has so many connotations and I did not want to spend a lot of time defining words.

Many wrote in to say that while they did not believe in demons per se, they did believe in negative energies or entities.

I hope you had fun taking the survey.  There will be more in the future.

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