When do deceased people slough off their personas?

Question: Afer a person dies, how long does it take for them to slough off their persona? At some point do they just become their higher self, and if so, during a reading, would that person’s higher self come through or would their previous persona come through? – Tina Answer: When I connect with a… Read On

How many questions are answered once we die?

Today continues a series of quick answers to quick questions. I’ve received hundreds of Ask Erin questions in the last few months and decided to just start answering them one per day until I tire of this sport or run out of questions. Enjoy! Question: How many questions are answered once we die do you… Read On

Why Do Some Spirits Stay Earthbound?

This article first appeared in my newsletter in 2009. If you want to make sure you’re getting all my articles, sign up for the newsletter. An earthbound spirit is one who chooses not to cross over when their physical existence ends. We are all given the opportunity to re-engage with Source when we die, but… Read On

How do you know if a spirit is at rest?

Question:  Is there any way to know if a spirit is at rest?  Say for example if my friend committed suicide, how would I know if he is at peace or if he is in a self-imposed hell cut off from the light?  If he is in a bad place, is there anything I can… Read On

Do I have to meet up with an abusive parent in the afterlife?

Question:  After I die will I have to deal with a long passed family member, like an abusive parent, or can I choose whether I communicate or not?  What happens to people who were abusive while alive once they get to the other side? Answer:  When you cross over the chances are excellent you’ll be… Read On