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Coming Home

Imagine you’re at a park, playing on the swings, the slides, in the sand, and there’s a bunch of other people at the park as well. Maybe you’re playing alone. Maybe you’re there with friends. You’re having a great time exploring, playing, and experiencing the park. But one of your friends interrupts your play and says, “Shoot guys, it’s getting late. I need to go home now.” What do you do? Do you say, “Oh okay, cool. It was great hanging out with you. Hope to see you at the park again soon. Have a great trip home!” Or do

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Is My Deceased Loved One Okay?

The number one question people ask me during mediumship readings is whether their deceased loved one is okay on the other side. “Is he alright? Did he make it? Is he safe? Is he comfortable? Is he happy?” There are very few situations in which your loved one may not be alright. I want to go over the various ways of dying and the effect it has on a person’s state when they cross over. Suicide Most people who suicide feel regret when they get to the other side. This is because from their new perspective they can see all

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How to Help a Spirit Cross Over
Channeling and Spirits
Erin Pavlina

How To Help a Spirit Cross Over

It’s extremely rare, but sometimes when people die they decide not to cross over. Instead, they hover and linger between our world and the next, sometimes hoping to somehow get back into their bodies, or sometimes because they fear judgment on the other side. I see this sometimes with folks who died accidentally and unexpectedly, with people who commit suicide, with people who were murdered, and with people who have committed a heinous moral crime against another human being and fear being judged and sent to hell. If a spirit decides to linger, they will often “hang out” in their

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When Babies Cross Over

I recently got an email from a woman who simply asked whether she would see her baby again when she crossed over. Apparently she had given birth to a daughter who died almost immediately. The tragedy of losing a baby is unimaginable and the pain of loss is almost more than can be borne, so it is understandable to want to have some reassurance that you will get the chance to see your baby in the afterlife. I wrote back to her immediately and wanted to share what I told her in case someone else reading this is in a

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What the Dead Want For You

A woman contacted me one day asking if I could do an emergency reading for her as her boyfriend had just passed and she was desperate for communication from him. I told her that normally I suggest waiting at least 3 months after someone has passed before using a medium to make contact. There are several reasons for this: The Grief is Too Powerful Grieving sends a beacon of energy into the ether. It’s like a wail. It’s analogous to the sound a microphone makes when there is too much feedback. You almost have to cover your ears. For a

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