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Why Do Some Spirits Stay Earthbound?

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An earthbound spirit is one who chooses not to cross over when their physical existence ends. We are all given the opportunity to re-engage with Source when we die, but you don’t have to cross over if you don’t want to. You can resist the light and stay earthbound, half-way between living and dead, a disembodied spirit who is still attuned to this plane. So why would a soul choose to stay behind? The souls I have encountered during readings who have remained earthbound are here for a few reasons.

Some fear judgment.
If you believed you were going to Hell, like say for murdering someone, how fast would you want to get there? Perhaps you might want to slow down the process a bit or even stay off the grid so you can’t be sent there right? Some people fear God’s judgment so they resist the light and stay earthbound. To them, this is preferable to going to Hell. If Hell existed, I might agree with them, so it’s a real shame that some people remain earthbound instead of crossing over. There is nothing you could have done on this earth that would cause Source to turn its back on you. You will be forgiven if you can forgive yourself. This includes those who commit suicide.

Some have unfinished business.
I’ve encountered people who were murdered and are hanging around waiting to see if their murderer will be brought to justice. I’ve also seen family members hang out waiting for another family member to cross over. This is unnecessary but if the timing is close, I can see why people hang out.

Some aren’t aware they’re dead.
Believe it or not, there are spirits wandering around out there who aren’t clear on the fact that they’ve died. Your mind is powerful. If you die unexpectedly or you were extremely committed to living, it could take days or even weeks to get the clue. You could end up haunting your old haunts, hanging out in your old house, trying to get the attention of the living and wondering why they can’t hear you. If you ever find your spirit instantly severed from your body, it could take a little while to realize what’s happened. If you’re ever in a situation where you suspect you might be dead, try walking through a wall. If you can, you’re probably dead. 😉

Some aren’t ready to go.
Some people cling to life as best they can because they simply aren’t ready to leave it. Sometimes people stay earthbound because they can’t leave their loved ones, such as children. This can also happen if you are extremely passionate about your life or simply having a fantastic time.

All of the above situations are unnecessary. When you actually do cross over, you are not judged and sent to Hell, you can still finish your unfinished business, and you can still watch over your loved ones from the other side. For those that are lost or unaware that they are dead, they do usually figure it out. If they don’t, a good medium can help cross them over.

The vast majority of people die and cross over just fine, so I don’t want you to worry that your loved one didn’t “make it” to the other side. People find their way there eventually. Guides and angels on the other side take care of our loved ones who are still earthbound and, when they are ready, these guides and angels help them cross over. If you are being haunted, find a medium and ask them to help you cross over an earthbound spirit.

Send love to your dearly departed
Those who have crossed over can still receive our loving thoughts and feelings. When you send love to the other side it goes there as a form of energy that they can receive. If it’s not too painful for you, think about your loved ones on the other side right now. Send them some love, a smile, or a thought you want to share. Let them know you’re thinking about them, and that you love them. Then sit back and see if you can see, hear, know, or feel their response. Although the distance may seem ridiculously great, the other side is actually not that far away at all. Your loved ones are really just a thought away.

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