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Do deceased family members know when someone is going to die?

Do Deceased Family Members Know When Someone is Going to Die

Do Deceased Family Members Know When Someone is Going to DieQuestion:  Do deceased family members know when someone is about to die?  Or is their energy so different that they are not connected to them anymore?  Do spirits wait for their spouses to die and then cross over together?  Have you ever seen a spirit wait for a spouse for many years or do they just move on after a short time?

Answer:  These are all great questions.  Let me see if I can offer some clarity on families, waiting, and crossing over.

I do believe that familial spirits in the ether know when a family member is about to die.  I’ve seen it a few times during readings and I’ve had my own personal experience as well.  First I’ll share my personal experience.  My grandfather died leaving my grandmother alone.  For years she was just fine and then health problems began to plague her.  We moved her to a retirement home.  My grandfather began coming to me in dreams periodically, and I remember at one point he sort of dragged me along to see my grandmother.  Once we arrived at her bedside he told her it was time to let go, she had accomplished her purpose, and could release.  She was afraid to die, afraid to cross over.  He tried to reassure her that she would be just fine but she was very resistant.  My grandfather conveyed to me that I should try to help her let go since she was suffering unnecessarily.

This visitation happened a few times.  But my grandmother’s health actually improved to the point where she was given a clean bill of health.  No more breast cancer, heart in pretty good shape, she could live for many years to come.  My grandfather continued to urge her to let go from the other side, bringing my spirit with him on these encounters.  Finally one night I had a visitation from my grandmother who told me she was ready to die.  I told my parents the next morning that grandma was going to die, heard it from her myself in a dream.  Three days later she was dead.  The doctors could find no real explanation either.  She just went to sleep and didn’t wake up but there was no heart attack or trauma or anything.  I knew grandpa had finally convinced her not to be afraid.  I have since seen her on the other side, and she is still with him.

During readings when I’m bringing through a deceased spirit, on some occasions they have told my sitter that so-and-so is getting ready to cross over. Sure enough, that person crosses usually within a few days up to a couple of months.  This is without me knowing the person is sick or ailing in any way.  It’s rare to be reading for someone who has a deceased relative come through who also happens to have a living relative about to die, so obviously this is very rare, but in over a thousand readings it has happened a few times.

Do spirits wait for spouses or kids to die and then cross over together?  It depends on the spirit.  I have definitely encountered spirits who have chosen to stay pretty emotionally connected to earth while waiting for a loved one to die so they can cross over together.  But I have also seen spirits who are fully crossed over and are still looking in on their loved ones periodically, much the way you might contact an old high school friend every couple of years.  I have also met spirits who are not waiting but have moved on totally, severing their emotional connection with their corporeal families.  It’s a choice.  Sometimes it’s based on events that happened during life, and sometimes it’s just that there are opportunities on the other side that captivate a person’s interest more than what’s happening here.  So it just all depends on the spirit, the connection they had while alive, and what else is going on for them.

Do we stay with our families when we cross over?  To some extent yes, especially where there is lots of love.  But you don’t have to.  I have seen situations, especially in divorced people, where they’re not hanging out in the ether together.  It’s weird, they each come through one at a time and usually wait for one to be finished before stepping in, whereas in couples who are still together they will speak to me interchangeably as though they are both on the same line at the same time.  But I’m still learning so much about relationships on the other side.  This is just what I’ve seen so far.

I have seen grandparents still very attached to their grandkids.  And sometimes I can tell a spirit has moved on completely.  A while ago I had a reading with a medium and he brought through the same three relatives I usually pick up myself.  He did not bring through the relatives I know have moved on.  So it was interesting validation for me as well.  Sometimes a relative is disconnected with their earthly existence so a medium won’t pick up on their energy.  A spirit has to be willing to connect for a medium to bring them through.  We can’t just go drag them out of their chairs to attend a reading. 😉

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