Ask Erin: If you find money should you give it back?

Question: I am a Hindu and we are taught as children not to take anything that does not belong to us.  Once, I found a bunch of 100 dollar bills outside of a Denny’s.  I thought it must be a prank at first because no one else was around.  I took the money to the manager.  The owner of the money called Denny’s and was able to get his money back.

This whole thing seems to contradict with the manifesting of abundance article which Steve mentions and the example of picking up pennies wherever you find it. What would you do if you found such big amout of money on the road? Would you recommend taking it, thinking it manifested out of your will? – Nilesh

Answer: You must ask yourself how you would feel if you were the person who lost the money.  If I drop a penny and someone later picks it up I wouldn’t be upset.  If I dropped several hundred dollars I would be very grateful if someone would return it to me.  But where do you draw the line?  You have to consult your own conscience and accept the spiritual consequences of those actions. 

You’ll notice that in Steve’s abundance manifestation intention he says, “for the highest good of all.”  It wouldn’t be for the highest good of all if you had taken hundreds of dollars that belonged to someone else.  We don’t believe in manifesting wealth at the physical or spiritual expense of someone else.

Let your conscience guide you.  If you feel at all uneasy taking found money, don’t take it.  There are so many ways of attracting wealth and abundance into your life.  Finding money is just one of them.

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