The last three weeks of my life have been the most amazing and transformational of my entire life.  I was waiting for the roller coaster ride to be over before I shared this information with you all, but I now feel the time is right.

Four months ago I made an agreement with the spirits and my higher self to become the Lightworker I decided to be before I incarnated (see my story Once Again for details on that).  They felt I was ready for this step and I agreed, though I wasn’t sure what it would entail.  Since then they’ve been fast tracking me in an attempt to catch me up to where I need to be so that I can do the work I was sent here to do.

The first thing that happened was that I opened my heart chakra so I could increase my empathy and connection with everyone on the planet.  I also indicated to the spirits that I wanted my psychic abilities to increase and that I was ready to help people.  It didn’t take long.  A relative of mine recently appeared on a reality show.  Every time I watched him on the show I was hearing a spirit talk to me about him and give me an urgent message for him.  I was really confused by what I was receiving.  But this spirit, a female, was really insistent.  It was like she was jumping up and down in front of me waving her arms and I finally couldn’t ignore her.  I got in touch with my relative and told him I had a message from a deceased female spirit that I simply had to tell him because she wasn’t leaving me alone.  We spoke on the phone, I delivered the message, and he was stunned by what came through.  Because the message was really personal I don’t feel it’s my place to share it here, but the information she shared with me was specific enough for him to feel that I truly was in contact with his recently deceased girlfriend.  I was as stunned as he was.  But this experience taught me to trust my “gift.”  His girlfriend came to me two more times and I delivered her messages.  I credit her with being my first reading as a medium.

The next step was much harder for me.  In the past all of my psychic abilities manifested through dreams.  Premonitions, instructions, information, spirit visitations all came through my dreams at night.  Why?  Because I am a chicken.  I told the spirits for years that I didn’t want to see spirits while I was awake because I was afraid I’d see something that would really terrify me (think Poltergeist).  So I shut down my third eye so I wouldn’t be scared by anything horrifying.  So the next step was to open my third eye and see.  I was already channeling and writing down messages (I’m clairaudient so I can hear spirits talking to me) but I knew that for my own validation I was going to need to be able to actually see deceased people or spirits or angels or *gulp* even the ookie spookies.  So I told the spirits I was ready to see.  And see I did.

My first experience happened during a dinner meeting with a local friend named David.  The purpose of our dinner was to discuss some experiences he’d had that I was interested in discussing with him.  He brought his wife, Jennifer, to our meeting.  While I was talking to him, though, I kept seeing a man behind Jennifer.  A very tall man.  I wasn’t sure about what I was seeing and these people were virtual strangers to me, but finally Jennifer asked if I was seeing someone.  I decided to trust in my gift again and I told her who I was seeing.  She confirmed it was her father.  The floodgate opened and I started hearing this deceased father speaking to me.  I communicated many things to Jennifer and soon we were both crying.  Her father died somewhat tragically and untimely and his death set into motion many things that weren’t supposed to happen.  Things that had serious consequences for Jennifer and her family.  To be able to be the bridge between this man and his daughter was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I was able to tell Jennifer some things that were crucial for the healing of her family.  I could feel this spirit’s joy at being able to finally communicate some very important things to Jennifer.  I came away from that experience thinking, “Wow, this isn’t scary at all.  I’m okay seeing dead people after all.”

So I started practicing.  The next time I saw someone deceased was at a Toastmaster’s meeting.  I saw a man standing behind my friend, and it was like he could see me seeing him.  He told me he was her father-in-law.  After the meeting I told her what I saw and I described him physically.  She confirmed that it was indeed her father-in-law and the messages he was giving me resonated very keenly with her.  Another great experience for me!

I decided I just needed to keep practicing.  Next I did readings for my parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, and cousins at a family dinner.  I told them I was going to channel a message from their higher self.  Specifically I was going to give them the answer to their most urgent, dire questions; the ones they thought about while going to sleep at night.  Without knowing the question, I gave them each their answer.  It was staggering.  The messages were so clear and so concise and so perfect for their particular situation.  Another boost in my confidence.

Now we come to the roller coaster ride.  In late April, Steve and I were having a conversation when Steve told me he was getting a message from a spirit guide named Keith, a young 16ish spirit who had crossed over but had a message for me.  Keith said, “Tell Erin to go to the haunted house.  She will see many spirits there, some good, some bad.  But she needs to go.”  I figured this was a metaphor of some kind.  Keith told us a few more things, specifically that I should not be afraid by what I see, and to have a reaction, not a pre-action.  We filed it away for later.  Three days later I got an email from a woman who works for the Criss Angel Mindfreak show.  She was seeking a psychic medium who was willing to go to a haunted house and be filmed communing with the dead for an upcoming episode.  I was floored!  To say the least!  There is no way on this planet that I would have agreed to put myself on television as a psychic medium if I hadn’t first received that message from Keith.  Because of the message though, I realized it was meant to be.  How this woman found me is another story for another time, but I can assure you the synchronicities there are amazing as well.  I spiritually squirmed in my seat and questioned my higher self and spirit guides.  “Are you sure I can do this?  I mean, doing readings for friends and family is one thing but doing this on national television?  Are you crazy?”  Every time I tried to wiggle out of doing it I would receive an even stronger message/synchronicity that I was supposed to go.  I surrendered to their will.

My experience filming this particular episode of the Criss Angel show is something I will share with you in the next blog entry because it’s a long story and I don’t want to skip a single detail.  But doing the show was the next amazing hill on this roller coaster ride.

After the filming I had just two days off before I was off to the I Can Do It seminar. Before I went my spirits told me I would receive confirmation of my abilities from Doreen Virtue.  To make a long story short, Doreen Virtue read for me in front of several thousand people.  She did indeed confirm for me that everything I had been experiencing was real and true and that I was meant to do this work.  I could no longer doubt, no longer deny, that I am indeed a psychic medium.  I had the opportunity to do several readings at the show, all of them totally accurate.  After the seminar I began doing readings for friends of friends and I’m going to do my first room reading at my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower in a few weeks.  After that I’m doing readings for my cousin’s birthday party.  I’ve already got people calling me for readings and I haven’t even gone public yet.  (Er, I guess I’m doing that now). 😉

The spirits then led me to someone who would mentor me in honing my psychic abilities and talents.  We are forming a development circle so we can help each other improve our skills.  I know I am still a medium-in-training but I also know that now I can see, hear, and know what the spirits are telling me.  I know that I need practice but that I’ve clearly got the gift. 

The spirits and my higher self have shown me what’s coming next, which I will reveal as it happens.  The joy I feel in knowing that I can help people connect with their loved ones who have crossed over is amazing.  The messages I can deliver, the confirmation that they are okay, and the healing that I can help facilitate make me so happy and energized that I can hardly contain myself these days.  I am so anxious to read for everyone I come across, but I know I need to pace myself and take it one step at a time.

Steve will be discussing psychic abilities and development in his blog, so tune in over there too if you’re interested.  In the meantime, I will be sharing some of my adventures as this new world opens up to me.

Tune in next time for the full Criss Angel story.  It’s a doozy! 🙂

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