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My First Group Reading

This past weekend I did my first group reading.  Two actually.  On Saturday my brother and his fiance had a couple’s shower and I was the “guest psychic.”  I volunteered to do a room reading because I wanted to see if I’d be able to do readings in front of a crowd, and also to see if I could tune into single energies with multiple people present.  I was also scheduled to do readings at my cousin’s birthday party later that night, so it was a long day for me.

The Shower

After the gifts were opened, we took a 10 minute break and asked people who were interested to gather in the living room.  I was surprised by how many people stayed for the readings, and was feeling a little nervous about whether I could do it or not.  But my spirit guides had shown me doing this room reading successfully so I just went on faith that it would work out and I’d be able to connect with people’s higher selves and spirit guides.  I didn’t know any of these people (aside from the few family members who were also there), so when I stood up to begin, I was looking at 15 total strangers who didn’t know me from Adam.  Because I knew we were short on time and a typical private reading takes 20-45 minutes, I decided to give everyone in the room a quick one line message from their higher self and then invite those who were interested to meet with me after the party for a private reading. 

And so it was that I turned to these strangers, tuned into their energy, and gave them a message directly from their higher self.  I told everyone that the message I gave them might not make a lot of sense initially but to keep it in their mind for later.  Examples of messages people received were, “Don’t compromise,” “When one door closes, another one opens,” and “It won’t be what you expect.”  On many faces I saw blank looks and on others I saw total comprehension.  To be honest, this was hard for me because no one gave me any feedback as to whether I was right on the money or not.  And so I continued, for about 15 minutes, until everyone in the room got their message.

The Follow-Up Private Readings

When I was done, 4 people told me they wanted to meet with me for a more in-depth reading.  I took the first person to a private room in the house and did a reading for her.  She told me the image I received of her life was exactly right.  Next she asked me how to handle the situation she found herself in and I got another image that helped her see what she needed to do.  She left the room feeling very relieved to have a plan.

The next person to join me was going through a rough time with a family member and a lot of her energy was going to other people instead of herself.  She asked me to tune in on that family member to find out what was going to happen to him.  What I saw was not terribly reassuring and definitely wasn’t the outcome she was looking for, but I’ve learned I cannot censor any message the spirits send me so I reported to her what I saw.  She was upset, but when I probed the spirits further they let me know that it needed to happen and that it would work out really well in the end.  She understood and left the reading bracing herself for a rough time ahead but with hope that in the end she and her family member would be in a much better situation.

The third reading I did involved helping someone find a new career path and overcome the fear of making that transition.  It was quite rewarding.

The fourth person who came in told me that he didn’t really need a reading and just wanted to let me know that a bunch of people were talking about me and my initial readings in the other room.  Apparently most people were remarking on how accurate I was with my messages; so much so that they were stunned into silence when I told them what the message was, which is probably why I wasn’t getting much reaction from them.  That really bolstered my confidence.  I guess even a 10 second reading has its uses, which is something I saw Sylvia Browne do at the I Can Do It seminar.  He also told me that when I turned my attention on him to do the reading he said he could feel me going right through his heart.  I had noticed an amazing energy around this man, a total feeling of joy, and he told me that indeed his life was in perfect order and he was really happy.  I think we actually basked in each other’s glow for a moment there.

Doing this group session was a great experience for me.  Several people told me I had amazing stage presence and that I didn’t seem nervous at all.  I took a break and prepared to do readings for my cousin and her friends who were arriving just as the shower was ending.

The Birthday Party Readings

The people at this party were college-aged kids and we decided I would do in-depth readings in front of everyone because everyone wanted to hear what I had to say to their friend.  Plus it would save a lot of time to do it all together.  I was more relaxed during this session, and excited to be reading for people who were just getting out in the world. 

I had great success with all of the readings, until I got to this one male individual.  Usually the spirits send me one image, a metaphorical image, that transmits an entire message in one shot.  I can get all the information I need from this one image.  And so it was when I tuned in on this young man that all I could see was an image of a blond woman in a turquoise shirt sitting at a table with a pleased smile on her face.  I could tell it wasn’t a metaphor but a real spirit.  I thought perhaps I was picking up on a deceased relative, but he swore there were no blond relatives in his family.  I spent 10 minutes or so trying to figure out why I was seeing this woman, but I couldn’t figure it out.  We were stumped.  I tried speaking to the spirit directly but got nothing more than this very proud smile. I wondered if perhaps the spirit was simply there for me, but I wanted to give this young man a reading so I tried to sort of wipe that image away and move on.  She wouldn’t leave.  Since he was the last person I needed to read for, we simply moved on.

Questions and Answers

I spent the next couple of hours answering questions for them about life after death, how to contact their spirit guides and tune in to their higher selves, and what to do if they ever encounter a negative entity. 

After a while, another guest arrived and was a little mystified as to what we were doing.   He sat down and I went to give him a reading when that same blonde woman showed up again.  I was having a John Edward moment.  Because I couldn’t figure out who she was and why she was there, and because no one in the room could claim a connection, I simply couldn’t get a new reading on this new guest.  I was really tired at this point so that may have contributed to it.  Maybe the spirit was just there to tell me I was done and she was pleased.  But it was still mystifying to me why I couldn’t get past her.

I really enjoyed answering everyone’s questions, and I know they learned a lot more than they ever expected to about the great beyond.

The Near Future

It was an amazing weekend for me that left me excited and exhausted at the same time.  I’ve now done more than 60 private readings for people plus all the group readings.  I’m going to begin doing readings professionally very soon; I’ll be publishing my rate sheet in the next couple of weeks.  I know many of you have written to me for readings so stay tuned for your opportunity to do a phone or email reading with me.  I am looking forward to helping as many people as I can.  Thank you all for your support and interest as I head into this new phase of this most amazing adventure. 🙂

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