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What Happens When You Die?

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me variations on this question so I thought I’d do an entire blog entry on this subject to help everyone understand what I believe happens.  Remember I said “I” because this is my belief.  Accept it if you want, reject it if you want, that’s all up to you.

How We Got Here

First we need to understand how we got here.  Your consciousness, your soul, your energy made a decision to incarnate into a human body so that you could have experiences that you can’t get in the ether.  You agreed and decided to take physical form to work on karmic issues, personal growth, or to help the planet evolve.  You chose your parents, planned some major life events, worked things out with some other souls who would also be around when you were, and got busy gettin’ born.  Then the veil was drawn over your memory so you could act out your life without knowing why you were there.

Your Life in a Nutshell

Now you’re living, having experiences, learning lessons, making a difference, running into people you’re supposed to, etc.  You’re living.  Your higher self is left to be the caretaker of your life plan and to nudge you along the way so that you have the experiences you arranged to have during your incarnation.  If you can get in touch with your higher self and get access to that plan, so much the better!  Otherwise you live your life the way most people do, bopping around from one event to the next, from one relationship to the next, from one job to another, etc.

Deciding to Die

You decide when your soul is going to go back to the ether.  Yes, you read that right.  You decide.  It’s not random.  You don’t just get hit by a bus or get cancer or slip in the shower.  On a soul level you make the decision as to when you’re going to go home.  You generally do this after you’ve fulfilled the course outline for your life, the one that your higher self has been hanging on to.  If you’re lucky, you’ve fulfilled all the tasks on your “to do” list.  If life overwhelms you, then perhaps you’ve decided to end it all prematurely.  But most people go home when the time is right.  You don’t have to decide how you die, just that you are going to and the universe takes care of the rest.  So, you decide the when and the universe decides the how.  When someone you know dies, take comfort in knowing that it was a choice.  The sadness you feel is for yourself and how you will handle the loss of such a wonderful friend or family member.

Making the Transition

I think it was Woody Allen who said, “I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” 🙂  People fear death because they don’t know what’s going to happen or what it’s going to feel like.  It might hurt, it might not.  But the point is that death really lasts just a moment.  Try to enjoy the process.  When death takes place you will leave your body behind forever.  It’s just a shell after that.  Whether you are buried, cremated, or stuffed and hung over a mantle won’t really make any difference to you.  After all, after you shell a peanut do you bury, cremate or stuff the shell?  No.  You throw it away.  It’s useless (or very nearly so).  Wave bye bye to your body and look for a light, an angel, your deceased mother, or a kindly old man with chocolate chip cookies. 😉  Someone will come to guide you to the “other side.”  Enjoy the process.  If you feel like you need to stick around a little to see what happens to your body, go ahead, but don’t get too attached.

Going Home Again

Once you go into the light (or follow the man with the cookies) you will probably experience a life review.  You get to watch your life unfold before you, and you get to see how it all turned out.  If you harmed people in your life, you will probably feel the pain you caused them.  So be nice while you’re still here.  This is done so you can properly understand how important it is to live consciously and with pure intent.  But I’m not here to preach.  After your life review the real fun begins…

Playing Around the Ether

After your life review you get to decide where you go and what you do next.  Some people choose to incarnate again pretty quickly.  Others take time for reflection on what they want to do next.  Some decide to tour the ether, the galaxy, or other dimensions. Some decide to spend time catching up on family news with their deceased relatives.  And some decide to hang around the living, haunting them, sending them dreams, and playing “stop the clock” for their grandchildren.  If you’re one of the more highly evolved beings (like Jesus or Buddha), you get to meet with higher beings and archangels in the ether to discuss plans and future goals.  What you need to know here is that once you get to the ether you have things to do, plans to make, and travelling to accomplish.  It’s fun.  Look forward to it.  But know that there is serious business going on up there.

What About Joy

Yes, did I forget to mention the joy and the love and the total sense of peace you get when you arrive home?  All is well in the ether.  You’ll feel wonderful.  Have that piece of chocolate cake you’ve been denying yourself for the last 10 years.  😉  But seriously, it’s all good in the ether.  They say you get to be 30 again.  If you died before you were 30, you still get to be 30.

Then What?

So after you’ve had fun in the ether for a while then what do you do?  Incarnate again to continue your spiritual growth, or stick around the ether as a guide for others, or … who knows?  I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. You’ll see when you get there.

“But when do I get to meet God?”

After all that you’re probably wondering when you get to meet the Big Guy, the Head Honcho, the Cat’s Meow, right?  You don’t have to look too hard.  Just look in the mirror, right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  There, you saw him/her/it.  It’s really that simple people.  You’re a projection of one aspect of God.  If you believe in subjective reality then you’re just God focusing on you right now and that’s why it seems like you’re you and he’s him and she’s well… nevermind.  The point is, God is within you. God is you.  You are God.  Learn that now and you can save yourself years of having to eat baby food.  Big plus in my book.

Bottom Line

Dying is going home.  It’s the thing you yearn for deep in your soul.  It’s the thing you know deep down inside but aren’t willing or able to remember.  But until it’s time for you to go, remember to live your life on purpose, be nice to the other pieces of God walking around on our planet, and have a piece of cake for Heaven’s sake, it’s not gonna kill you. 😉

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