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Are Spirit Guides Deceased Relatives?

Question: Can the spirit guides of our children be deceased relatives?  For example, could a child’s late great grandmother be her guide?  Or is it usually more detached than the family units we have here on our paths? – Laura

Answer: The way I understand it, when we incarnate, a special guide is assigned to us as sort of our Master Guide, or Guardian Spirit.  You and this guide arrange this relationship mutually.  This particular guide remains with you your entire life, helping to keep you on track to fulfilling the spiritual contract you made with yourself when you chose to incarnate.

You are also assigned other guides who pop in and out of your life to help you with certain goals.  For example, if you are about to start your own business you may get a guide who is really good with finance and planning.  Or perhaps you’ve just had a baby, and you get a guide that has a mothering energy to help you adjust.  These guides stay as long as you need them and then go to help others. 

I know there are also part time guides with specific tasks.  One of the guides in my life popped in to arrange the Criss Angel show I’m appearing on, and that was pretty much his only task.  He has since decided to stay on and help me with some other things because, as he puts it, I’m easy to work with since I actually listen. 😉

When our relatives and friends die they often choose to hang around and help us out by trying to give us advice.  John Edward mentioned during that show I attended that “If Aunt Fanny was horrible with money while she was here, don’t expect her to be a whiz with money on the other side.” 

Spirit guides are generally more advanced than us.  Deceased relatives may not be.  So while I believe they are around us to give us comfort and to help out from time to time, I don’t think they are specifically there to guide us.

Still, they are fun to talk to.  Kids especially are good at seeing deceased relatives.

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