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How can we attract the good spirits without attracting the bad?

Question: I know spirits exist, but I put them out of my mind, because I don’t want to attract the attention of angry or malicious spirits.  I want to attract the good spirits into our lives, but is that possible without also being open to attracting the bad?

Answer:  This is a wise question to ask.  When I first started becoming in tune with the spirit world, I saw a lot of negative entities that scared the pants off me.  Every time I went out of body or touched a ouija board, I would attract the negative energy beings.  It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I finally figured out how to avoid them.  And it wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I figured out the hows and whys of attracting light versus dark beings.

You attract what you emanate.  If you are emanating fear and anxiety, it’s like opening a door for the dark entities.  They will see you as easy prey and feed off of your soul’s energy.  That’s bad.  If you protect yourself with white and golden light first, and if you enter into a state of love and light, you will not be on the same plane as the dark entities, so just as you would expect to be safe walking into a church, for example, you can enter the astral plane or the spirit realm safely if you are vibrating at a high frequency of love and light.

To get yourself into that state, make sure you are in a state of pure love and loving intent.  Before you try to contact anything or go anywhere, meditate.  Open your chakras, then imagine a golden light enveloping your entire body.  On top of that, add a white light.  Say a mantra like mine (use your own or mine is fine): “I am surrounded by the white light of Jesus Christ.  In his light I am safe and protected from harm.”  You may also call upon the archangel Michael for protection.

There is one caveat I need to mention here.  There are some dark energies that are attracted to light energies like moths to a flame.  But what happens is that they cannot reach you if you are in a state of confidence and love and divine protection.  It’s like they bounce off your shield.  It’s like when you’re camping and you’re sitting inside your tent with the door zippered shut.  The bugs might be attracted to the lantern inside your tent but they can’t get in unless you open the door.

I know that in the beginning it can be hard to enter a spirit realm in a state of love, trust, and confidence because if you’re new at this you may enter with some fear and anxiety.  That’s where your guides and angels come in.  Ask them to protect you from all beings of negative energy and to keep you safe.  Use your intuition to guide you if something appears and you’re not sure what “side” it’s on.  In time, you’ll be able to attract and communicate with beings of love and light with total confidence and in total safety.

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