400 Readings: An update

I began doing professional intuitive readings on June 6, 2006.  Today, November 29, 2006, I will have completed my 400th reading.  I’ve learned so much since my last readings update and felt it was time to share some of my insights.

Improving My Process
When I first began doing readings, I noticed that after just 4 readings I would feel totally drained and get a bad headache.  My higher self explained that I was drawing everyone’s energy to me instead of me going out to them.  So after a reading, sometimes their energy would linger around me a bit too long.  She taught me to go to a more neutral place to do the readings so that I could leave when I was done.  Now I’m able to do 12 readings a day without getting tired or losing my psychic clarity.  My preference, however, is no more than 8 per day.  I’ll add that requesting the angels be present during the readings helped my energy tremendously.

A couple of months ago I was also assigned this guide who specifically helps me connect with my clients’ guides.  I meet him in what I call The White Room, which I was led to by my higher self.  In this room, I lay down on a table and this special guide comes and puts his hands on my temples.  When he does that I ask to connect to the guides, higher self, angels, and deceased relatives of the person I’m reading for.  He’s like a conduit that helps this happen.  Since I’ve been doing this with him, the metaphors and connections come much faster and more clearly.

I also have a fountain on my desk that I turn on when I’m doing readings.  The flow of water over the stones helps me enter that relaxed state I need to be in for the connection to really flow.  When I’m doing email readings I also listen to meditative music.

Another skill I discovered is that I can tune in to the chakras of the person I’m reading and see where there are imbalances.  It’s been helpful to me in diagnosing spiritual ailments and areas where the person might be blocked.

So in the past six months my skills and ability to tune in has increased a lot.  I guess practice makes perfect.

Connecting with the Dead
When last I did a readings update I mentioned that it was still a little difficult for me to connect with deceased relatives.  They are on a much different frequency than guides, angels, and higher selves.  But I’ve been working with my guides on this a lot and I’ve seen marked improvement in this area as well. 

In the past, I would feel a nudge from a spirit – like a knock – before a reading.  I could tune in and get a message to relay to my client.  But then people started asking me to tune in to specific relatives or friends that had passed over.  I wasn’t sure I could do it but I always gave it my best shot.  To my amazement and joy, I was able to connect with specific relatives or friends on the other side, thanks again to my special guide in the White Room who helped me figure out how to do that.  In one case, a client asked me if I could connect with her deceased mother.  I asked for her first name, and then asked if this spirit would kindly step forward and identify herself to me.  A spirit appeared in my White Room at the end of the table I lay on.  She showed me a gruesome image of her death (I won’t soon forget it!) which I relayed to my client.  My client told me that is exactly the position her mother was in when she died (it was a very unusual and specific position).  Once I confirmed that she was really there, I was able to have a dialogue with the deceased mother that was quite clear and gave the daughter a lot of closure as to the circumstances surrounding her death.

In another instance, a young woman asked if I could connect with a friend she’d lost a year or so earlier.  I tuned in and asked for the spirit and told him to please give me some information so that she would know it was really him.  He told me, “Tell her I’m in her car.”  So I relayed that information thinking that perhaps she had a photo of him in her car or something.  But she surprised me by telling me that she actually carries his ashes in her car!  So he really was “in” her car.  They had a nice conversation after that. 🙂

Most often the spirits that come through are ones who have died recently (within 2 years), ones that have urgent messages for those they left behind, or those that have committed suicide.  Some spirits have told me that they are still hovering because the people here have not let them go.  I’ll be writing a blog entry soon about what I’ve learned from these spirits and my guides about the process of crossing over.

I’m also apparently able to connect with deceased pets.  I’ve had many cats, dogs, and even a horse or two come through to send love and guidance to those still living.  I wasn’t expecting that, but I think it’s wonderful and I’m glad it happens.

Predicting Death
In several readings I have seen the imminent death of someone close to my client.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to say or do when I discovered this information but I felt I had an obligation to at least warn the person or present the information I was getting.  In one case, I was shown that my client’s mother had a cancer that was going to take her life pretty soon.  He confirmed for me that his mother had had cancer but that she was in remission.  I told him that his grandfather said she still had cancer in her stomach area and the doctors had missed it.  Sure enough, three months later he wrote and told me his mother had passed away from pancreatic cancer.  It was sad confirmation for me that my abilities as a medium have improved.

In other cases I’ve seen when an illness is about to strike my client, a major illness like cancer or a heart attack or stroke.  I usually give a strong warning to have themselves and that area checked.  In many cases people have written back to me to tell me I was right about the onset of their illness and they appreciated the heads up so they could get it taken care of in the early stages.  I don’t like giving good people bad news, but I really see it as an opportunity to change course and avoid something awful.

Still No Lottery Winners
I’ve had people ask me how they can make a ton of money doing little or no work, and I’ve had people ask me outright for tomorrow’s lottery numbers.  I’m pretty sure if I could do that I’d have billions right now.  😉 It just doesn’t work that way.  Guides are not genies.  They can’t just blink and make your wishes come true.  They’re here to guide you on the path of spiritual enlightenment.  Sometimes it’s part of your life path that you will be wealthy and sometimes it isn’t. 

I have one client whom I’ve read for many times who gets tons of great investment advice!  He gets specific numbers, specific investments, names, dates, places, all of it.  He has used my advice successfully to make wise investments that have paid off handsomely!  No wonder he keeps coming back for more advice.  I asked my guides why this man is getting the mother lode of financial advice when most of my clients do not.  They told me that this man in particular is meant to be wealthy.  He is meant to have a ton of money because of something he’s going to do with that money in the future.  I’m here to facilitate that wealth for him in some small way.  He is a good man with great ethics, has a high vibration, and is seeking to better our planet.  I’ll bet that has something to do with it.

The Wait Time
Due to our forum launch I’ve been getting a ton of reading requests.  I do all email readings in the order in which I receive them, and I book phone and in-person readings in that order as well (client’s schedule permitting).  To that end, know that when you book your reading you probably won’t get an answer for a little while so don’t ask me a question where you need an answer tomorrow.  Sometimes I catch up on the readings which is wonderful!  I’m working to improve in this area.

Joyful Blessings
I wake up every morning excited to do more readings and connect with more people.  I’ve made some interesting connections with several people I’ve read for, to the point where I know when they’re thinking about me or about to book another reading.  It’s uncanny.  I love and appreciate all of you who have allowed me to read for you.  Connecting you with your guides or deceased relatives is a real joy for me.  Big thanks to those who come back for multiple readings.  I enjoy the updates on your lives and to see where your guides’ advice has led.  I am continuing to work with my guides on improving my skills and abilities so I can serve you better.

Namaste and Bright Blessings to you all!

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