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Reaction to the Criss Angel Episode

If you watched the Criss Angel show last night and you blinked you probably missed me. 😉  I’d guess I had about 30 seconds of total air time, and 10 seconds of dialogue.  But I suspected this would happen since the Criss Angel show is not about paranormal investigations, but about magic, illusion, and drama.  Plus, with so many celebrities on the show I didn’t really rate much air time.

For me, doing the show was not about fame or even spreading a message.  If you recall, I was asked to do the show at a time when I was just beginning my life as a medium.  Doing the show gave me the confidence and courage to come out publicly about my abilities and begin doing readings professionally.  It simply had to happen this way.

We filmed in there for 6 hours, so obviously what you saw was an extremely edited version of what we did.  What I saw Criss do after our segment had nothing to do with our investigation.  I am not aware of any little girl named Mary who died in the hotel.  We picked up on a baby crying in room 34, not a young child.  I can’t comment on his seance since it was nothing like a real seance; there was no actual medium present.  But he put on a good show.

You saw the Northwest Arkansas Ghost Connection team, the paranormal investigators who were there with me.  They actually showed Mike getting that high EMF reading on the chair I directed him to, but you don’t hear me directing him there.  And you saw Danny, the cameraman, getting sick inside the room where the murder/suicide took place, as he handed off his camera to someone else so he could get out of there.  Danny is the one I did a reading for at the request of his deceased grandmother who came to me days before the filming and told me to give a message Danny, the cameraman.  You also saw me with Lori, who had a very emotional reaction in the room with the crying baby.  I knew they would show that scene since it was dramatic.

People have commented that I seemed cool, collected, and in control.  I was.  Although I was creeped out by the negative energy in that one area, and I was certainly creeped out by the dust, mold, mildew and bats flying over my head, I was at a very high vibrational state that day and nothing paranormal was bothering me.  I did find it interesting that others with me were having physical reactions to being in the room with the murderous spirit.  That fascinated me.

Of course, I am glad I did the show, but I’m disappointed that you all didn’t get to see more.  I’ve been looking around for other ghost hunts to attend locally, and I finally hooked up with the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigators.  I’m going on my first “call” this Saturday, so I’ll report back on that experience.  Should be fun!

Thanks to everyone for your interest in seeing me on the show.  It’s time to move on to the next adventure! 🙂

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