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Have you considered helping the police with your psychic abilities?

Question: Have you ever used your psychic abilities to help police solve crimes?  Is that something you’d like to do?  Do you think you could do it?

Answer: I would love to be able to help police solve crimes using my psychic abilities.  Especially in the cases of missing children, unsolved crimes, or serial killers.  I would see that as a wonderful use of these abilities.  I’m not really certain how I would go about getting involved in that, but it’s something I intend to research this year.

Years ago I had an interesting experience related to the serial killer known as The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez.  In 1985 he was terrorizing Los Angeles, where I lived, and I remember everyone was really afraid of him.  His attacks were so brutal.  Before they ever identified him, I had a strange dream. 

In the dream, everything was black and white (unusual for me) and everything was moving in slow motion.  There was a knock at my parent’s front door and as I started to open it I thought, “oh shoot, what if it’s the Night Stalker.  I shouldn’t open the door.”  But it was too late.  The door was open just enough for him to push his way in.  I got a really good look at his face, again because the dream was going in slow motion.  He lifted a gun to my head and shot me and I woke up.  But I remembered exactly what he looked like. 

At the time, I didn’t think much of it.  But a couple of weeks later the news posted a sketch of the suspect and to my utter shock, it was exactly the person I had seen in my dream.  They caught him shortly thereafter.  I am certain I accurately saw Richard Ramirez in my dream.

Later, while I was in college, I met Jo Ellen Demetrius who came to my Psychology and the Law class as a favor to our professor.  Jo Ellen was the jury consultant hired by Richard Ramirez’s defense team to select a jury that would be sympathetic to him.  She was even asked to sit right next to him during the trial so he would appear, at least psychologically, to be not as threatening.  Didn’t really help him much though as he was convicted and sentenced to death.  But it was interesting hearing what she had to say about him and how he behaved when the cameras weren’t on him.

After that experience, I do recall another time when I had a dream that I was in a cabin up in the mountains in a European country.  Although there was snow at the top of the mountain, the cabin me and my friends (in the dream) were staying at did not actually have any snow around it; we were too low in elevation.  In the dream, there was an avalanche and the snow came down and buried us inside our cabin for days.  I experienced living with these people for several days while their predicament was figured out and someone came along to unbury them.  To my shock, this actually happened a couple of weeks after I had the dream.  I remember catching it on the news and thinking how odd it was that I had that dream and then a few weeks later it happened to real people. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve had a dream about a newsworthy event that later came true.  Previously I wasn’t really tuned in enough to think to do anything about it.  I mean who do you call when you dream you’ve been buried by an avalanche in a European cabin?  Still, I have to imagine that now that my abilities have increased, I might be able to tune in to world events or crimes and see if I can lend a hand in warning people or solving a crime.

That’s definitely something I intend to explore as time goes by.

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