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How do people look in the spirit realm?

Question: How do people look in the spirit realm?  Are they just energy or do they look like they did in the physical realm?  If so, do they look like the moment they died?

Answer:  Great question from one of our forum members. 

The answer is that it depends on who is looking, why they are looking, and when they are looking.

When I tune in to deceased energies during a psychic reading the “person” usually presents to me the way my sitter would recognize them; or basically how they looked when they died.  So if the person was a 50 year old male with a receding hairline, he will usually present to me that way so that when I describe him my sitter will know who I am talking about.

Sometimes, however, I’ve seen deceased people who present as 30ish even though they were 78 when they died.  This almost always happens when the person has been dead a long time, died naturally, has nothing urgent to say or talk about with my sitter, and just wants to say hello or acknowledge the sitter.  I believe this happens because they are not as interested in validating their presence as they’re just “driving by” to say hi.

Something else I notice, however, is that if the person died from suicide, murder, accident, or something unexpected, they often present to me looking like how they died.  I recall being very surprised once when a woman appeared to me with her head cocked unnaturally to the side and blood just dripping all down her face.  As it turns out, she shot herself in the face and when she was found her neck was cocked unnaturally to the side while the rest of her body was upright.  That is not how she really looks in the ether, but she had to show that to me so I could explain it to my sitter who would know I was in contact with this deceased person.

In another reading, a young man appeared to me and his head was missing.  I could only see his body, and he was pointing to his neck.  When I mentioned this to my sitter she told me about her brother who was accidentally decapitated in an auto accident.  I’m sort of glad I didn’t see the gory details.  In another reading, a woman showed me these heavy bands around her chest and under her arms, and I came to find out she died from breast cancer that had spread to her underarm area.  So the deceased people will often present to me in a way as to indicate how they died.  Sometimes they’ll just tell me how they died “He’s saying something about a car accident and a golf cart” or they’ll show me an image, “I see a car flying over a bridge and slamming into a golf cart.”  After I make contact and explain it to my sitter, the deceased person will often morph into a perfectly healthy version of themselves at the age they died.

In the past when I did readings, the deceased people would come to me in my White Room fully formed.  But a few months ago, my guides taught me to go closer to the source so that I could reach out to deceased energies that weren’t necessarily hovering.  When I go to this area all I see is swirling energy.  I call out to the energy and ask if there is anyone who would like to speak with (name of sitter).  I wait and sometimes an energy will pull away from the collective and then form into the shape the sitter will recognize.  I go from there.  I’ve found that doing this allows me to reach more deceased people than just waiting to see who shows up.

I don’t see deceased people with my eyeballs.  I see them as mental projections; kind of like having a waking dream.  Sometimes when I am doing an in-person reading, they will locate themselves right next to my sitter, but most of the time they just appear to me in the back of my mind.  This could be one reason most people aren’t mediums; because they expect a dead person to appear before them like a protoplasmic ghost.  It took me a while to realize that the images in my head were real people, which is something I never would have realized unless I’d had the courage to test what I was seeing.

I don’t know what they look like when I’m not looking, but I imagine it’s closer to the swirling energy than it is to Uncle Joe in his hat and black suit.  One thing for sure, they are no longer suffering physically from whatever caused their deaths.  Emotionally, yes, but not physically. 

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