Do our habits here affect our higher selves?

Question:  If every person has a “higher-self” then are we, as a race, just physical manifestations of our higher-selves’ energy? If a person is violent, or drug addicted, or acting with a prejudiced belief system, what does that mean about the energy of their higher-self?

Answer:  To answer the first part of your question I would say that yes, all of us are physical manifestations of our higher selves.  But we incarnate with a veil and we forget where we came from and why we’re here, except for some who do retain that knowledge.  Although we incarnate with a general plan and a life purpose, once we get here all bets are off.  You can be sidetracked, derailed, and knocked off course.  This is why waking up and living consciously is so vital.  We all have free will once we arrive here so even if you feel like you know your purpose you can choose to ignore it and live how you want.  Getting back in touch with your higher self is a wonderful pursuit because you regain access to your game plan. 

When a person is violent, drug addicted, or prejudiced, that is not their higher self.  People become this way after they incarnate, usually due to circumstances they are born into, parents they have chosen to have, choices they make during their lives, or life events that occur.  Basically it’s an effect of their environment and upbringing, not their spiritual higher self.

I usually read for high awareness people because that’s who my blog and Steve’s blog attracts.  But upon occasion I will do readings for people who are at a low level of consciousness.  When I connect with their higher self I often feel this huge sense of relief because the reading is probably their one and only chance to reconnect with their physical self who may be going far astray from their pre-planned and desired course.  It’s often hard for the guides and higher self to get through to people at a low level of awareness and consciousness so when someone does find their way to me I am very happy to relay a ton of useful messages from their higher self and guides. 

People living at a level of violence, prejudice, hate, anger, etc. are still worthy of love.  They just need a reminder of that sometimes.  Try not to judge them too harshly.  If you think you’re frustrated trying to get through to them, think about what their guides and higher self must be going through.

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