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Preparing For Your Intuitive Reading

In my previous blog entry, Anatomy of a Psychic Reading, I explained what you can expect during a reading with me.  Now I’d like to tell you how to best prepare for your reading.  Most people are a little nervous and excited to have their reading, and believe me I understand.  When I’ve gotten a reading from another psychic I’ve been nervous and excited too!  But there are some things you can do to prepare for your reading so you get the best possible experience.

Prepare your questions in advance 
Sometimes the answers come so clearly and quickly that we can cover more than a dozen areas in a single session.  Other times there’s so much depth and detail that we’ll want to spend more time on the few topics that are most important to you.  I don’t know in advance how it will go, since that’s between you and your guides.  But it’s better to have too many questions than too few.

Prioritize your questions
Ask your most important questions first.  You don’t want to end your reading with your most important questions unanswered.

If possible meditate for 15 minutes before your session.  Even 2 minutes of deep breathing will help center you and raise your vibration, making it easier for me to communicate with your guides.  Be sure you’re in a place where you won’t be interrupted.

Intend to receive an excellent reading
Your energy contributes to the reading as well.  If you expect to receive clear and specific guidance, it will help you get the best reading possible.  Most people find the experience of getting a reading extremely pleasant and enjoyable.

Keep an open mind 
If your mind is cluttered with preconceived notions about how a reading is supposed to work or what answers you’re supposed to get, you won’t be as open to hearing what’s actually coming through for you.  If you’re feeling skeptical or if this is your first reading, do your best to stay present during the reading.  You can always analyze it from a skeptical viewpoint afterwards.

Do your best to accept the guidance that comes through 
This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a person can be so resistant to an answer they didn’t want to hear, such as, “Is my boyfriend the right one for me?” that they’ll spend 10 minutes of their reading time arguing with their guides about it.  This isn’t a good use of your reading time.  Your guides won’t change their minds, and they don’t waffle on specifics.  The best thing you can do if you get an answer you didn’t want to hear is to stay open-minded and ask for clarification.  But if the answer isn’t changing, move on to your next question.  Sometimes after you’ve had a few more questions answered, the big picture will become clear, and you’ll begin to see that your guides do in fact have your best interests in mind.  I will say that if you’re arguing with your guides, it almost always means you’re going to have to learn those lessons the hard way.  Your guides may offer you a shortcut around some really hard times, but sometimes people are so invested in their current way of thinking, even if it causes them pain, that they won’t accept the guidance that would help them get unstuck.

Think about deceased loved ones 
If you are hoping to connect with deceased loved ones, think about them before the reading and invite them to make themselves known to me before the reading.  Hold an object of theirs or a photo. It helps draw their energy down to us.  I can never guarantee who will come through.  All I can do is open the line and hope they come through.  Sometimes grandma will come through and after she’s done she’ll bring mom through, even though it was mom you wanted to talk to.  It takes a lot of their energy to communicate with the living and not all spirits are up to the challenge.  No medium in the world can guarantee a specific spirit will come through so if that’s your only reason for getting a reading you may be disappointed.  Be sure to put some time into having questions ready.

Most people who get a reading from me find that the information their guides give them is extremely helpful.  Sometimes you’ll simply get details confirming what you already know.  That’s golden! Consider that a big nod from spirit that you’re on the right track.  And sometimes you’ll get information that throws you for a loop.  In that case, just give the information time to sink in.  Many people write to me months later to tell me that the information they initially resisted turned out to be totally correct.  I’ve seen it happen a lot; people get information from their guides that “can’t possibly be true” and a few months later, voila, everything comes to pass as the guides said it would.  But always remember that you have free will. If you get information you don’t like you usually have time to change your course.  One of the best reasons to get a reading is to avoid the pitfalls coming your way.

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