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Are dreams about deceased loved ones real?

Question:  The other night I had a really vivid dream about my deceased grandfather.  He told me all kinds of interesting things and it felt so real.  Was it really his spirit talking to me or just a dream?  How can I tell the difference?

Answer:  It is possible for deceased loved ones to visit us in our dreams.  It’s actually an ideal place for them to make contact.  For one, you are in a relaxed state so it’s easier for them to get your attention.  For another, you are disconnected from the physical and more connected to your subconscious and/or superconscious if you are a lucid dreamer.  And lastly, dreams are sort of the mid-ground between here and there so it’s like meeting in the middle.  But just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it happens often.  So how can you tell when a dream is more than a dream?

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My grandfather was a very quiet man in life.  He was very serene, calm, and peaceful.  After he died I had more communication with him than I ever did while he was alive.  He is the one that came to me in a dream to tell me I was going to have a miscarriage.  After that incident came true, I noticed he started coming around more.  It was strange really because he is the last person I would have suspected of having after-life communication with.  But there he is, always first in line to come speak to me.  God bless him.

Spirit communication feels very different than a dream.  Usually with spirit communication the deceased person will simply speak with you, whether they are sitting on your bed or standing in front of it, or calling on a phone.  Their message is short, clipped and to the point.  There is often a feeling of a cold wind around them, and the dream will probably have a crisp and clear feel to it.  You will easily remember the entire experience, unlike in a dream where details are hazy.  When you wake up it will feel like you simply opened your eyes, you won’t feel groggy and sleepy, in fact you could feel very energized.  There are usually no other dream characters, just you and the dearly departed.  You could have a long conversation with them or just pick up a snatch of warning.

When you have just a regular dream about a deceased person that is not spirit communication.

For example:  “The other night I dreamed that my grandfather and I were playing basketball and I was having a hard time getting the ball into the basket.  Then all these people were cheering for me and I felt better and did a slam dunk.”  Not a spirit communication.  In this case the grandfather, though deceased in real life, is just a dream character, a subconscious symbol.

When you wake from an experience with a deceased loved one you will probably be thinking to yourself, “Wow, that felt so real.  I really felt like my mother was right here with me.”  You will be filled with a sense of peace and love, or possibly anxiety if they offered you a warning.  They don’t usually come just to chew the fat, it’s not easy reaching someone in a dream.

Most often their messages are of the reassuring variety.  “I’m okay, I’m safe, I made it.  Don’t grieve for me.  I love you, send love to your father…” and the like.  Sometimes shortly after death they will come to members of the family to give them important information like the location of their will if no one can find it.

Is there a way to call a spirit to come to you in a dream?  Yes!  Right before you go to sleep, focus your thoughts on the deceased loved one you’d like to reach.  Ask him or her to come to you in your dream.  It helps if you are someone who easily remembers their dreams, otherwise it’s like going through quicksand or thick mud to reach you.  You may want to clear your chakras a little before you go to sleep, sort of like cleaning the antenna.  Ask your angels to help the chosen spirit come to you.  Open the way for that spirit to find you.  It may take several attempts.  There’s also the chance the spirit will never come, not because they don’t want to but because they cannot make the journey or they simply don’t know how.  That’s why asking the angels to help guide them to you is important.

Your dearly departed loved ones could be just a dream away.

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