Solid Evidence for Existence of the Afterlife

Recently someone asked me, “What is the most solid piece of evidence you have received about the existence of the afterlife?”  This is a great question so I figured I’d answer it publicly so everyone can benefit.

I am someone who believes there is an afterlife, that our bodies house our souls, and that when we die we simply slough off our physical body and our souls go back to the ether.  I have no objective evidence that this is the case but I do believe this is what happens.  For me it’s about memories I have, gut feelings, and more recently, communicating with the other side directly.

Since becoming a medium I have had experiences that bolster my belief that there is an afterlife and that our deceased loved ones are there.  When I am doing a reading for a total stranger and a deceased person comes through with their name, manner of death, physical description, and messages so personal I couldn’t possibly have guessed them, what else am I to think?  I’ve considered that perhaps it’s just telepathy and I’m picking up the thoughts of the person I’m reading for.  But that doesn’t explain when the deceased person tells me something my sitter doesn’t know until they make a phone call to another relative and find out it’s true.  Or when the deceased person gives me information about what’s going to happen to my sitter in the future and then get a follow up email that that is indeed what happened.  That can’t be telepathy as far as I understand it.

Now I realize that most people don’t communicate with deceased strangers on a daily basis, so I can’t ask you to accept that there is an afterlife just because of the experiences I’ve had.  I always encourage people to seek out the truth by experimentation and personal experience, not the anecdotal evidence of another.  But you can use other people’s experiences as a guide to having your own.  If you want to know if there is an afterlife you could contact a medium and see what he or she brings through.  Or you could work on connecting to the other side on your own.

What about people who have near death experiences and come back to tell of the existence of the afterlife?  That’s their personal experience and since you were not there it would be hard to accept their experiences as fact.  Until and unless I had a near death experience I would be hard pressed to believe anything these people say, though I of course find it interesting and find their experiences insightful.  I don’t doubt they experienced something, but I couldn’t really say what it is.  It could be a trick of the mind, a hallucination, or some faulty neurons firing.  But it’s still a clue.

Don’t dismiss the idea that there is an afterlife just because you don’t have personal experience communicating with the other side.  Follow the trail that others have blazed and see for yourself what you find. 

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