The Only Thing Constant is Change

Something interesting has been happening to me lately that I want to share.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, when I start a psychic reading and tune in I get a metaphor.  It’s either an image or a movie that plays out in my head that tells me what’s going on with my sitter, usually what they’re most concerned with.  I always tell people what the metaphor is just in case it has significance for them.  This technique utilizes my clairvoyance; my ability to see psychically. 

However, over the past month or so I’ve been doing more and more readings where there are no metaphors.  Instead, when I tune in and ask the guides to come to me with a message that will help my sitter on his or her path, the guides just start talking to me.  This utilizes my other ability, clairaudience; hearing psychically.  Previously in a reading I would get the metaphor first, then once we got going I would hear what they want me to say and just relay it.  But now, they’re just launching in with the chit chat from the get go.

This is not a problem at all, but it was sort of odd that this started happening, and now in about 50% of my readings I don’t get the metaphor first.  I still get some metaphors as I’m going along, which is also fine since I find that the metaphors can convey a lot in just one image.  When I talked to my guides about why this was happening they told me that not all spirit guides want to communicate with images.  Some prefer to communicate auditorially, and in the past I was sort of forcing the guides to send me a metaphor when some preferred just talking.  Other times I get things clairsentiently (I feel, for example, the injuries or illness of the deceased person I’m talking to) but I don’t prefer that method since it’s often hard for me to interpret, so I figuratively shut off that pipe.

Recently, I did a reading for someone and what was interesting about her reading is that 20 minutes before her appointment I started getting “the knock.”  Usually I tell the guides to just wait until the reading, but hers just kept talking.  Finally I grabbed a pen and paper and started jotting down what they were sending me because I could tell it was important and I didn’t want to miss anything.  For 20 minutes I filled a piece of paper with their notes.  When I called her for her appointment they were still talking! 

Her reading presented something else that was new as well.  She had a ton of guides.  There were four sets of guides… not four guides… four sets!  Each set was responsible for a different aspect of her life.  And they were all humming, buzzing, and wanted to get their turn!  I think this is why they started early, so every group could weigh in and give her their messages. 

One thing I’ve definitely learned on this road is that I need to be open to changes in how my psychic abilities work.  I remember that in the beginning I had no White Room and no guide assigned to help me do readings.  Now I have both.  When I first began I had a hard time picking up on deceased loved ones, but my guides showed me how to increase my vibration to reach more of them.  And now things are changing again, and I’m picking up a lot more information clairaudiently than clairvoyantly.  But I trust my guides and the process, so I go with it.  They haven’t let me down so far.

There are still aspects to this I don’t totally understand, but they’re becoming more clear with experience.  I was listening to an audio recording from Collette Baron-Reid the other day and she mentions that in 18 years of doing this work she’s done about 30,000 readings!  Wow.  I can only imagine what 18 years and 30,000 readings would teach me.

If you’re working on your own psychic development I want to encourage you to trust your guides and let them show you how to improve.  I’m certain that no two psychics use the exact same method.  It’s very useful to hear how other psychics tune in and do their readings, but use their experience as a stepping stone to developing your own method.  In the beginning I used to invite people’s guides into my personal space, but that got really draining.  Now I go to my White Room, which is sort of like an office, and when I’m done for the day I leave and shut the door.  That way I’m not carrying around other people’s deceased relatives with me all day.

I’m very grateful to my spirit guides, higher self, angels, and Bob (the guide that specifically helps me with my readings) for showing me new and better ways to connect, and I’m sure they’re all grateful that I listen. 

And for now, I’m just going with the flow.

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