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What are the metaphors like during your readings?

Question:  In your psychic readings you mention that your guides start you off with a metaphor.  Can you give me an example of one?  And have you ever gotten the same metaphor twice?  If so, what does that mean?

Answer:  When I first tune in during a reading I see a scene play out in my head like a movie.  Sometimes I get a static snapshot, sometimes it’s a short movie, and on rare occasions it’s just a symbol hanging out against a dark backdrop.  But most of the time it’s a short movie.

I allow the movie to play to completion and then it will start over so I can explore it further.  Sometimes it feels like I’m watching the movie in a theatre, and sometimes I am totally inside the movie and associated in a first person perspective. 

The scene that I see is a metaphor for something going on in my sitter’s life.  It’s like watching a dream and then I have to interpret the symbols.  Luckily for me, I am a master at dream interpretation so it’s not too difficult for me to figure it out.

Let me give you an example of a metaphorical image, based on one I’ve actually been given, and how it played out in the reading.  I see a corn field and my attention is drawn to one specific ear of corn.  It’s very tall on its stalk and can see over the heads of all the other ears of corn.  In fact, the corn cob is so tall that it’s become top heavy and is in danger of falling from its stalk to the ground where it will rot instead of continuing to grow.  This corn cob has completely outgrown this corn field.  (At this point I might stop to tell my sitter this, or I might let the scene continue as I ask the question “What do you want this corn cob to know?”)  So then I see the ear of corn disconnect itself from its stalk on its own terms instead of allowing itself to fall to the ground.  It picks up a briefcase and marches right out of the corn field, off to find new adventure and a new field to grow in.

The interpretation of this image was very obvious to me.  This person had outgrown the job they were in.  There was no further growth possible for this person.  But instead of waiting to be fired or promoted or laid off, the guides wanted this person to decide consciously to leave the job and seek another field to grow in.  My sitter confirmed that I was describing her job situation accurately.  She had far surpassed the parameters of her job but was not going to get promoted.  She was in a dead end situation and was not experiencing any growth.  This part of the reading gave her the confirmation she was looking for to leave her job and find something better suited to her new skills.

I have never received the same metaphor twice.  However, I have definitely been in the same scene before.  There are a few that keep popping up.  One is a beautiful, tall green grass meadow with a copse of trees in the background.  I’ve had varying metaphors appear in this scene; for example, in one the person was mowing the grass in the meadow.  In another the person was looking for something in the high grass.  In still another the person was flying over the meadow and landing in the trees.  Different metaphors, but I was definitely in the same “place.”  There’s also this old mansion where I often find myself viewing a metaphor in the library/study.  Sometimes my sitter is in there painting, sometimes looking through an old book, and sometimes sitting in a leather chair with a blanket and a book.  Different metaphors, but same location.  And I’ve been in that same corn field at least half a dozen times.  But each time the stalk of corn is doing something different.  In one case the farmer came and chopped down all the stalks.  In another the ear of corn was chatting amiably with the other ears of corn.  And in another locusts came and ate all the corn.

So why does this happen?  What are these static locations my guides use?  At first I wasn’t sure why this was happening, and as I saw the same old scene coming up I wanted to discount it at first, thinking it was just me and my memory taking me to that same old scene.  But my guides told me firmly to just let the whole scene play out, and when it did I saw that although I was in the same scene, the details were totally different.  So I stopped resisting that.  I also began reading that other psychic mediums experience something similar.  Guides use symbols that I will understand, not necessarily my sitter.  They’re using the files stored in my brain to convey a metaphor to me so that I will understand it.  I tell my sitters the metaphor that I’m seeing, but I know that some psychics just interpret the metaphors and tell their sitter what they need to know.  I like sharing the metaphor because I often refer back to it during the reading, and also because the metaphor will open up and show me more as people ask further questions about their situation.  

So for example, in the corn metaphor, my sitter might say, “Okay, I can understand picking up my briefcase and walking out of the field, but where do I go next?”  So when I tune back in I will see the ear of corn walking out of the field and then I might see it walk into a classroom or walk into a university.  Sure, my guides could just say, “Tell her to get a PhD” but they don’t.  Often a picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s like I get an entire download of information with one single metaphor.

During a reading I will also receive direct quotes from the guides.  They do this when they want my sitter to hear something a certain way (not open to my interpretation).  So during a reading when I say, “Okay your guides are wanting me to say this to you and it’s a direct quote so write it down…”  Sometimes what I tell people in a “direct quote” is very profound for them.  For example, one time I was told to say, “Don’t die with your music still in you” and my sitter gasped and told me she had just written that phrase in her diary the night before our reading while she was attempting to communicate with her higher self.  It was major confirmation for her that she was receiving information correctly from her higher self. 

During a reading, as my sitter asks questions from their list, I am sometimes shifted to a new metaphor because the first metaphor may have been about career but now the person is asking about relationships.  If the first metaphor can’t encompass that question, I get a new one.

In 5-10% of my readings, I will get a metaphor, explain it to my sitter, and they can’t figure out how it relates to their life.  So in those cases I tell them to ask the first question on their list.  Nine times out of ten as soon as they ask their question they have an “aha” moment as they realize the metaphor was indeed about that topic.  For example, during one reading I was seeing someone coming out of a closet and there was a group of people cheering as he came out.  He didn’t understand what this might be referring to.  So I told him to ask his first question and it was, “I’m gay but my family doesn’t know yet.  How are they going to react when I tell them?”  I chuckled a little and referred him back to the metaphor.  He laughed too and said, “Oh man!  Of course!”  He told me he thought the metaphor was related to his career so it didn’t make sense to him.  The guides tell me what the sitter most needs to know, not necessarily what they want to know; that part comes later after the guides have had their say.  So yes, the guides do answer specific questions, but only after they’ve had the opportunity to tell my sitters what they most need to know to help them on their paths.

Sometimes I get a metaphor and I’m the one who doesn’t understand it.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s all jumbled up or I’m just not downloading it clearly.  In those cases I will ask the guides to rephrase the metaphor.  So they’ll send me something different but which conveys the same concept.

On some occasions I get more than one metaphor.  This surprised me the first time it happened.  Here I was all tuned in and I saw a short scene play out, then the entire scene switched and I saw something else, then a third movie played out.  I was like, “Hey, what’s this?  Which metaphor is his?”  To which they replied, “All three.  You’ll see.”  So I’ll tell my sitter all three and usually they are the ones to say, “Ah yes!  I know exactly what that’s referring to.”  And we go from there.

Sometimes I see a scene that I think and assume is a metaphor but is actually a real experience from the person’s life.  For example during a reading I saw a woman setting a place at a table only she put the knife and fork on the wrong sides and her boss complained that she needed to spend more time attending to details.  My sitter said, “Is that supposed to be a metaphor because that happened to me yesterday exactly as you just described it.”  Oh. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.

And finally, on rare occasions, I get a metaphor that neither me nor my sitter ever understands.  That’s probably a problem of me not interpreting the metaphor properly.  In those cases, my guides will switch to dialogue.  Nobody’s perfect but I always do my best. 🙂

Sometimes the metaphors start to appear in my sitter’s life as symbols.  In one case I saw a woman climbing this amazing tree with branches everywhere.  Later, after the reading, she tells me she went to write down some things from the reading and picked up her journal which had a big beautiful tree on it with lots of branches.  In another case, the metaphor was all about animals in a zoo wearing sunglasses and clothing and such, and that night she went to a bar and parked under a billboard where she saw an animal wearing sunglasses.  The guides know their stuff!

So that’s the story on metaphors.  They get the job done! 🙂

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