A Gift From Bob

As some of you may know from reading my blog, I have a special guide whom I call Bob who “lives” in my White Room, which is the place I go in my mind to conduct psychic readings.  Bob is the guide in charge of helping me connect with other people’s guides.  He acts like a conduit.  Knowing Bob is my guide is the first important element to the story that follows.

The second element you need to know is that since Christmas I’ve been wanting to purchase an ISqueez from Brookstone which is a foot and calf massager that costs $399 retail.  I tried it in the store at Christmas and was extremely impressed with how great my feet felt for a long time afterward.  I have plantar fasciitis with heel spurs so my feet hurt almost all day long.  I’ve been putting off purchasing this machine because I have a hard time buying what I consider luxury items for myself.

This past weekend my parents and in-laws came to town to celebrate my daughter’s 8th birthday.  On Saturday night Steve and I decided to take advantage of the free babysitting to go out on a real date.  It’s been months!  My suggestion was that we pop over to our favorite local’s casino, the Red Rock, and play some blackjack, something we have done maybe 3 times in the last 3 years, get a quick bite to eat, and then go see a movie.  I’d been playing blackjack at home with Emily and having a ball betting kind of wild just to see what would happen.  For the last several weeks every time I play blackjack at home I’ve made thousands of dollars.  Not real dollars, but still fun!

So we went to the ATM, got some money and went to the casino.  We had at most 1 hour to play before we needed to move along and get something to eat in time to see our movie.  Steve and I split up to find a $10 minimum blackjack table that had two seats available together.  He found me and said, “I found one, let’s go.”  As we started walking to that table I heard my guides distinctly say, “No, not that table.”  I also saw an image in my head of us getting up from the table not looking too happy.  But did I say anything?  No.  It was the only table we found with 2 open seats.  So I bit my tongue because I really wanted to play, and we went to that table.  Just before we went to sit down, another couple came along and swooped in and took those two seats.  Maybe that was for the best.

We kept walking and found one table that had open seats.  The last chair really called to me, it was glowing (in my mind’s eye), and I grabbed it.  Steve sat next to me.  There was only one other person at the table.  We cashed in for $100 each, got our red $5 chips and put out a $10 bet.  I lost my first hand.  No problem, it happens.  Can’t win them all. 😉  On my next hand I got a blackjack.  Now we’re talking!  After that, the money just started rolling in.  Steve, who understands exactly how to play every single possible hand in blackjack, was telling me how to play my hand when I wasn’t sure.  I was doubling down and splitting with great success.  The dealer kept dealing me 19s, 20s, and blackjacks.  And when that wasn’t happening I was hitting on a 14 and getting a 6 or 7.  When I had a bust hand like a 13 through 16 and had to stand, the dealer would obligingly bust and I’d win again.  Before long I noticed I had so many chips in front of me and didn’t even know how much I had.  When the dealer started shuffling I took a moment to see what I had.  About $360.  Not bad for a $10 table!  Steve asked if I wanted to cash in and go (he was up just a wee bit).  And then I saw an image of the ISqueez in my head and realized that if I could make at least $400 I could buy the ISqueez without even using my own money.  That became my new goal.  I told Steve I wanted to wait until I had at least $400 before we left.  He said, “Okay, but you might lose what you have.”  I said, “No, I can feel it.  And I have a goal.  We’ll be just fine.”

The dealer began the next round.  My luck held out and I continued to rake in the money.  New people came to the table and asked how the table was doing.  The original guy at the table pointed to me and said, “Well, she’s doing well!”  No one else at the table was achieving the same windfall as I was.  By the time we were done with the next shoe I had a total of $545 in my possession with $100 of that being my initial investment, so I was sitting on a profit of $445.  Enough to buy my ISqueez and hey, they even threw in money to pay the tax!  Steve was up $20.

We got up from the table and cashed in our chips, had some dinner, and saw our movie.  I was shell-shocked.  In just 45 minutes I had made $445.  That was one of our best winning streaks ever.

On Sunday morning I gleefully drove to the mall to buy my massager.  As I was driving I was calculating the tax and realized that tax on a $399 purchase would only bring the cost up to about $430.  I was curious why I ended up with $445 because I knew there was a reason.  As I was checking out and paying for my purchase, the store clerk said, “Have you met Bob?”  Er?  What?  She said, “Check it out, Bob is the name of our little wobble clocks.  They’re normally $30 but with your purchase they’re just $12.50.”  I have been looking for a small clock to put in my bathroom and when I saw the wobble clock (which looks like a little egg that wobbles and has a digital clock in it) I just knew it was a wink from Bob, my guide.

I picked my color and she added Bob to my total.  The total for my entire purchase was just under $444.  So I got my ISqueez and had a little leftover for Bob.  The entire experience from beginning to end felt effortless.  Now every time I see my little wobble clock in the bathroom I’ll think of the gift my guides gave me. And I’ll definitely remember to thank Bob. 🙂

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