Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Question: My friend was murdered by her husband.  She had two children.  Why would God allow this to happen to such a good woman?  I just don’t understand this.

Answer:  God didn’t allow or disallow this to happen.  The man chose to murder his wife.  We have free will during our incarnation here on Earth, which means we need to take great care in how we conduct ourselves because we must face the consequences of our actions.  We as a society, as parents, as people, need to take good care of our children, teaching them compassion and how to love one another, so that people don’t grow up thinking that killing someone is the answer to any problem.

It’s always a shame and a tragedy when someone chooses to kill another being.  But here on Earth, we have the option.  It’s not a good option, but it’s still an option.  Similar to free speech … we may not like what someone is saying but we defend their right to say it, right?  That’s freedom.  What would our lives be like if God controlled all of our actions?  What would be the point in living?

I agree it’s horrible.  I agree it’s tragic.  I agree that it seems senseless.  I expect that one day people will stop seeing violence as a solution to a problem.  Today, murders such as you are describing will serve only as an example to others.  Hopefully it will teach more people that violence is not the answer.  Hopefully people will learn from this tragedy so it doesn’t have to happen again.

God is allowing us to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  I’m sure He prays that we will learn soon. 

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