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Isn’t there a less painful way to learn spiritual lessons?

Question:  Why do our spirit guides feel the need to drop us on our asses so painfully in order to teach us the error of our ways? Surely there is a less painful way to learn.

Answer:  The guides would ask you why you feel the need to resist your path so stubbornly that being dropped on your ass is the only way to get you to stop for a second and notice where you are. 🙂

In truth, the guides don’t do anything to us, at least not overtly.  They’re not conspiring behind the scenes to get you fired or to send you a brain tumor.  They are there to encourage us, to drop signs along the way, like breadcrumbs to follow.  I like to imagine it metaphorically as our guides standing above a maze.  We, the rats in the maze, are dropped at one end and we have to find our way to the “cheese” which is whatever your higher self intended for you to experience and learn in this lifetime.  The guides are standing there saying, “Come on, kid, you can do it.  Keep going.  Wait, why are you running down that path?  That’s the wrong way.  Uh oh, you’re really lost now.  You took so many twists and turns down the wrong path it’s going to take you years to get back on the right one.  Would you like to use a lifeline?”  The guides can’t pluck you off your path, that’s against the rules.  They are allowed to send nudges though.  Intuitive flashes of insight, people telling you that you’re on the wrong path, synchronicities, signs, symbols, gut feelings, those are all methods they use.  If you can’t tune in to your spirit guides on your own, there are people like myself who can do that for you.

How do you know if you’re running down the wrong path?  You’ll know you’re on the wrong path if you wake up each morning dreading your life, if you feel dead inside.  Remember that hot-cold game where someone hides something and in order to find it you wander around and they tell you if you’re hot or cold (close or near)?  Same thing happens in life.  When you’re going in the wrong direction you can almost sense someone telling you that you’re getting colder.  When someone is barreling towards their goal don’t we sometimes say, “He’s on fire!”  See … you’re getting hot! 

Dropping you on your keister is a blessing.  It’s like they put a hand up in front of your little rat nose and said, “Enough.  We can’t let you keep going down this path.  Will you please just tune in and hear us?”  The best way to honor the ass-drop is to take it seriously.  Stop.  Breathe.  Listen.  Tune in to your heart’s desire.  Figure out where you went wrong.  Make a plan.  Then get up, dust yourself off, and get going in the right direction.  Remember to thank your guides for caring enough about you to get your attention.  That wall you’re crashing into is Divine Love.  It might be painful, but maybe it’s there to stop you from running off a cliff just around the corner.

When life drops you on your ass see it as a gift.  It’s a chance to correct your course before you plow into a mountain or drop into a pit of spikes.  The worst thing you can do is sit there and do nothing, moaning or whining about how life ain’t fair.  For all you know, you may look back on your predicament one day and realize it was the best thing that could have happened to you.  Honor these moments.  Honor the setbacks.  And keep going.  Always keep going.

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