Health Goal Update for March 30, 2009

This will be a short update as I don’t have much to report that’s new.

Weight came down a little this week.  It was 196.0 for most of the week.  Went to a buffet breakfast yesterday and did a little better than I usually do, but it’s clear to me that buffets are a bad choice for me, so I have no plans to go back.  This morning’s weight was 196.4.

I took measurements on the 20th so I could see if I’m losing inches.  Today I checked them all again and they are exactly the same.  Sigh.  I know 10 days isn’t much time so I’m just going to keep checking at regular intervals.

My weights at the gym are increasing, which is awesome.  I can feel my strength now.  I had to carry a couple of 2.5 gallon water jugs into the house and it wasn’t a strain like it usually is.  Also, when I climbed the stairs I could actually feel a difference in my thighs ability to carry my weight.  It’s unreal!  I don’t remember ever feeling a difference in my strength before.  I’m taking the stairs more often instead of the escalator and I’m not winded when I get to the top.  So I know there is some massive improvement going on in that area.

I’m still doing the P90X cardio workouts.  I have to be careful not to hurt my joints though because all during this past week I had knee pain, foot pain, and shoulder pain.  That put a damper on how much I was able to exercise.  I’m all healed up now so I’m raring to get back into those work outs.  I’m noticing that my heart rate does go up to 140-150bpm but not for long.  The exercises in the program just bring me right back down again to 120-130 most of the workout.  I’m already going as hard as I possibly can so I’m not sure what to do.  I took my heart monitor to the gym and tried going on the stairmaster but that didn’t get my heart rate up much either.  I think I was doing it wrong because in the past the stairmaster has been an ass-kicker for me and I usually avoid making eye contact with it. 😉  I might try finding a step aerobic workout that will sustain my target heart rate for longer than the P90X workouts do. I don’t think this is a deficiency with P90X, I think it’s just that I’m not at a high enough fitness level to do the workouts properly.

I keep dreaming that I’m thin.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me, because I know what that means.  It means I’m a vibrational match for a slim body.  Other people have emailed me to tell me that they are now dreaming of me thin.  It’s awesome.  That’s my vibration going out into the ether and impacting other people’s awareness too.  It means that my slim and trim body has been ordered and is on its way! 

I’m eating more protein and less sugar.  I still eat fruit but not as much.  I’m having raw vegetables with lunch, and keeping the fat down as much as I can. 

Had a talk with Steve a few days ago that I believe will help me get moving in a good direction.  He suggested making one change at a time and gauging the result so I can get a more accurate view of what works for me and my body and what doesn’t.  He also suggested that my body issue is the manifestation of an authority and power deficiency.  In other words, to help me learn authority and power, I have an overweight body, and to begin to solve the problem by increasing my authority and power instead of just tackling the weight itself.  It’s sort of hard to explain and I can’t really do our conversation justice, but what I took from the conversation is to watch and listen to my body instead of trying to follow the advice of experts who don’t know my metabolism, issues, etc.  We’ll see what happens.

Has anyone else out there tried a bunch of different “expert” ways to lose weight and finally decided to figure out what works for you?  What did you discover and how did that work out for you?

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