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Astral Battles: Fighting the Big Bads


If you’re foraying into the world of astral projection you probably already know that sometimes you can encounter entities there that don’t have your best interests at heart. What are you supposed to do about it though? Avoid them? Stop projecting? Try to banish them? Counsel them? Offer them tea and cookies? Or do you go napalm on them, blasting them from the astral skies, and sending them back to the deeper reaches of the abyss?

I was fifteen years old when I had my first astral projection experience. It wasn’t pleasant. In fact, it was terrifying. All kinds of astral entities swarmed me over the first few weeks. It got to be so bad that I seriously considered sleeping with the light on. Plus I thought I was going crazy. A whole other world was opening up to me and I didn’t know much about it, but it sure seemed to know a lot about me. Every time I attempted to leave my body I was invariably confronted by an entity that seemed to want to kill me, suck my energy dry, or just scare me to death.

Luckily for me, I had a friend who had a great deal of experience with astral projection and he taught me how to raise my vibration so the lower vibrational entities couldn’t reach me. Think of it like a radio. When you first project, you might be on the “fear” station. If you can raise your vibration to something more like courage, love, compassion, or joy, then it’s like switching channels on the radio and you no longer hear the fear broadcast.

Once I raised my vibration, I was off and running, exploring wonderful new dimensions and planes of existence. I met high vibrational beings, traveled to places you can’t get to while in a body, and had experiences that seemed impossible. But occasionally, something would confront me. Like a moth to a flame, the lower entities would be attracted to my light. I had to do something to keep them from stinging me.

That’s when I created my astral sword.

Simply, my astral sword was a projection of my own love energy. When lower vibrational beings got too close, I stabbed them with my light sword, and they would vanish. I’d continue on my merry way, and have a lovely night of astral travel. But occasionally, something big and nasty would show up and confront me. That’s when I had to do battle.

For the sake of those who are exploring the astral plane, I want to share some tips and advice for fighting the big bads you will invariably encounter.


Like any good mother, I’m going to suggest that you avoid a fight whenever possible. Fighting a battle on the astral plane can be very draining energetically, like having an astral hangover. The nights I did battle, I was a wreck at school the next day. It would take a day or two for my energy to restore itself. If you can avoid a battle, do so.

Avoiding means that when you see or sense something waiting for you, don’t project. Go back to your body, get up for a bit, turn on a light, and wait until the being goes away. They don’t generally stick around for too long; instead they will go find other people to drain. There is no valor in being something’s tasty snack. Avoidance is your first line of defense against a big bad. Save your energy for something fun.


Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you attract a lower vibrational being who picks up your scent and just won’t leave you alone. It follows you around, trying to nibble on your energy so it can thrive. It’s like the time I was at the Renaissance Faire and this bee followed me around the faire for an hour. I couldn’t shake him. He was like a dog with a bone. To evade him, I had to go inside my vehicle. He buzzed around for a bit and finally flew away. I then got out of my car and went back to enjoy the faire.

On the astral plane, evading an entity means moving to a different plane or level. You do this by raising your vibration to something higher than where you are, or you literally move to a different plane. There are many planes to choose from. If an entity is bothering you, go somewhere else. I’ve also played tag with a few beings, moving through planes like running through a bunch of doors, in an attempt to shake them off. I don’t attack them, I just get out of their way. This uses far less energy than attacking them. If you can’t avoid an entity, evade it and keep exploring.


Sometimes a confrontation is your only choice. I’ve had nights where something literally jerked me out of my body because it wanted a piece of me. Imagine something grabbing your leg and pulling you out of bed. It’s not easy to avoid or evade in those cases. You’ve got to be ready to confront and attack or you will go down. Here’s what to do when confronted by a tenacious and powerful entity.

First, whip out your astral sword. You literally create this from your own energy. It’s an extension of who you are. You fill this sword with your light, your love, your power, and your courage. The moment you show fear in front of the big bad, it starts eating. So practice creating your light sword (or other weapon) before you are confronted so you can draw your weapon easily.

Second, create a shield of light around your body, so that if it does attack you, its energy bounces off your shield. You create a shield using your will, just like you created your sword.

Third, go on the offensive. The best defense is a good offense. You’re in its world and it’s often stronger than you. So if you’re going to do battle, make it short and sweet. Slash at the entity with your sword. Cast love at it (they hate that). Be fierce. Have a battle cry ready. Whatever you do, don’t show fear. Do not go back to your body until you have dispelled or banished the entity, otherwise it will just pull you out again. That’s happened to me many times. You’ve got to make sure it’s gone. You’ll know it’s gone when you no longer see it, you no longer feel its energy around you, and it’s not tugging at your astral body like you’re a chew toy.


Sometimes you’ll encounter a being that’s either too strong or instills too much fear in you, and it gets ahold of you and starts chomping at your energy like you’re a turkey leg at the Renaissance Faire. You can’t change your vibration, you can’t get back to your body, you can’t get away from it, and you are too afraid or unable to make your light sword. That’s when you’ve got to call for reinforcements. Call on Archangel Michael to help you. You can also call on Source, any ascended master, or any other high vibrational being or angel in the vicinity. Angels have the ability to remove and dispel any being you can encounter on the astral plane. They will come. Every time. Think of them like a referee in a boxing ring. They’ll stand back and let you do battle if you want, but if you’re up against the ropes or the entity has knocked you down, they can drag them off of you and send them on their way. Sometimes all you need is a breather so that you can get back to your body.

Don’t call on your spirit guides. Sometimes they can help but it’s not really their function or bailiwick. It’s like calling your mom for help when a bear is attacking you. Yeah, she’s going to try to help you, but she’s not really equipped to kill a bear. Let the angels help you, as it’s their job to patrol the astral plane and keep these entities from getting into our world.

Stay Frosty

The astral plane is an interesting place to visit and explore. If you can keep your vibration high and avoid encounters with big bads, you can have the most amazing and wonderful experiences. If you go around stabbing beehives, the bees are going to sting you. So stay away from them, don’t poke them, and stay frosty.

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