Can I enter a friend’s dream to help him?

Question: I need advice on dreaming and going into my friend’s dreams. I’m advanced in lucid dreaming but my friend has nightmares every night. I’m just trying to help him, but every time I’m in his dream he’s running from his past. How can I get in there and help him? – Victor

Answer: Dream sharing is a phenomenon where two people are having the same dream, at the same time, and both are aware of the presence of another dreamer in the dream.

It’s extremely rare to be able to enter someone else’s dream. When someone is dreaming, they are in a construct that is very internal to their own brain. In order for someone else to cut in on that, they would have to be able to get inside the original dreamer’s mind. I’d say that for the most part it’s nearly impossible to share a dream.

However, I’ve had three instances I can recall where I witnessed a dream that one of my friends was having, but I could not interact or affect the dream, and my friend was unaware of my presence. However, the next day I was able to tell him in exact detail what he dreamed. Was I in his dream or was I picking up on his thoughts psychically, or was I somehow able to tap into his dream remotely and see what was happening? I’m not sure. I think this is one for the scientists. All I know is that I saw the dream as it was happening and I was accurate in my report.

Now… there is another phenomenon that occurs which may be more likely what you’re experiencing. I’ve had a lot of experiences where friends and I shared a dream. Or so I thought. These were experiences where they were aware of me, I was aware of them, and we could interact with each other consciously during the experience, and share full recall the next morning. At first I thought we were dream sharing, but then I realized that every single time I experienced this phenomenon the content of the “dream” was paranormal in nature. In other words, we were being attacked by a low vibrational entity from the astral plane. We were not in a dream construct, we were more in an energetic construct that had form.

For example, in one experience I can recall, I was being chased by a horde of demonic creatures, let’s call them hell hounds just as a point of reference. I remember hiding under a staircase in an old castle. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and my boyfriend at the time appeared before me and said, “I chased them off. Let’s get out of here.” As we ran, we had a conversation. The next morning he told me he had a “dream” that he found me cowering under the stairs after chasing off a horde of nasties. He and I both remember the conversation we had during the experience. Was it a dream or something else? I’m going with something else. Probably something astral.

So I believe you can witness someone else’s dream, and I believe you can consciously meet on the astral plane, but I don’t think you can enter someone else’s dream and affect it. It’s too much a part of their brain. You can remote view it, but I don’t think you can affect it.

So I would say if you believe you are in your friend’s dream, take a moment to analyze whether it’s a dream or an astral experience, especially if running from nasties is involved.

Instead, to help your friend, I suggest you counsel him on overcoming his past issues and help him remove his blocks. I don’t think you need to be in his dreams to do it.

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