Find out the 10 things that happen immediately after you cross over

Does the sun shine in Heaven every day?

Question: Does the sun shine in heaven every day? – Carmella

Answer: This is another question I have to answer with a yes and no.

What I’ve been made to understand is that when we initially cross over we are allowed to relive, alter, change, and construct events. If you’ve ever wondered what would have happened if you took a different road, married a different man, turned left instead of right, it appears as if you get to explore those other possibilities for a time. You get to relive amazing moments and times in your life, and you also get to experience what it was like for others to interact with you, so if you ever harmed someone or caused them to suffer you get to know what that was like for them.

You also get to construct landscapes and conditions. Run through a grassy meadow with your arms outstretched. Sit on the top of a mountain and meditate. Stand on a stage and sing to a crowd. It’s like a holodeck where you can construct any experience you want.

But this doesn’t last forever. Guides and angels eventually come to extricate you, to remind you that you have crossed over, and that it’s time to reconnect with your higher self. Then a whole other world of energy opens up to you. You become energy, no body, no physicality. You are thought, consciousness. You can interact with other energies, you can become a spirit guide for an incarnated soul, you can watch over your loved ones and help guide them, you can commune with the ascended masters, and travel the cosmos. It’s apparently quite a rich and interesting experience, of which I only currently remember fleeting pieces.

Dying is going home. Where you go from there is entirely up to you.

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