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Top 10 Astral Projection Questions Answered

A lot of people seem to find my blog while searching for astral projection, and while I do have a fair number of articles on the topic, I’ve decided to create a top 10 list of the most common questions I’m asked. That way I can just refer people to this article in the future. Enjoy!

1. Is astral projecting dangerous?

I would have to say yes, astral projection can be dangerous. You can encounter beings that will drain your energy or cause you psychological harm. However, if you know how to protect yourself, if you can keep your vibration high, if you are skilled at psychic self defense, and you can keep your fear in check, then you can have a safe astral experience.

It’s like asking me if it’s safe to fly in an airplane. If you’re inside the plane, with your seat belt on, with your tray table in the upright position, and you’re familiar with safety procedures in case of a crash, then air travel is safe. If you’re going to try to stand up on the wing of the plane with super glue on your shoes, arms outstretched, yelling, “I’m the king of the world” then good luck.

2. How can I initiate an out of body experience?

There are many procedures and techniques. My personal technique and advice is to master lucid dreaming first, because it will teach you how to keep your mind conscious while your body is asleep. This will then allow you to wake your mind when you are sleeping, which will likely put you in a sleep paralysis situation, which will then make it easy peasy to leave your body. It’s not the only method, but it’s the one I used to become proficient at astral projection so it’s the one I teach.

You can also try waking yourself up around 4am, staying up and in your bed for about 20 – 30 minutes, then going back to sleep which will often trigger a lucid dream, which will trigger sleep paralysis (if you do it right) which will then allow you to separate from your body.

And overall, it takes practice, intent, and patience.

3. If I dream that I’m flying, is that astral projection?

No, if you’re just dreaming that you’re flying, you aren’t astral projecting. If you wake up in your bed, then astral project, then go flying, then you are astral projecting. But if you’re in some random dream and you take to the skies, you are not astral. You are simply having a flying dream. But if you can master flying dreams, it’s easier to become proficient at flying while out of body, so go ahead and practice having those flying dreams.

4. Once I feel the tingling sensation and/or hear the high pitched whine in my head then what do I do?

Once you feel that, you are separated but still inside your body. It’s time to stretch yourself up and out. You can either follow your arms out, or some people like to roll out like you’re rolling onto the floor, and other people seem to go out feet first. It takes a lot of inner will to stretch up out of your body. The first few times you may only get an arm out. It will feel like you’re walking through mud. Just keep going.

The other thing I used to do with great success is teleport out at that point. So first you achieve separation, then you simply put yourself somewhere else, like on the roof of your house, or the nearby corner of your street. Time and space function completely differently on the astral plane. You do not have to stretch out of your body. You can simply separate and teleport. Yep, it’s nifty.

5. What or who are the entities waiting for me when I separate out of my body? Can they hurt me?

More often than not, when you separate, you’re going to feel fear. And the entities you see and hear while this is happening are not the nicest welcoming committee on the block. I’ve seen and heard some creatures that would make you pee your pants. You have to raise your vibration to get past them. Think of it like changing the channel. Go to the “love” and “gratitude” station. Call for your angels to come help you. Or call for your guides. Don’t tolerate astral bullies. Turn your back on them and tell them where they can stick themselves. If you don’t, they will begin feeding on your energy like you’re a banana cream pie.

6. Can I spy on living people while I’m astral?

You naughty person! But yes, you will see living people while you are astral. Most likely they won’t know you’re there, unless they’re super intuitive. Respect people’s privacy. It’s also a lot more difficult than you’d imagine to go spy on someone you don’t know. As soon as you’re astral, you’re different. Your priorities are different. It will take a great deal of concentration and will to go visit someone unless you have a strong close bond with them. But yes, you can make your rounds. Be good and responsible. Don’t be creepy astral guy!

7. Can I talk to my spirit guides on the astral plane?

People ask me this a lot. Going to the astral plane to talk to your guides is like sitting down in the middle of the freeway in the lotus position to meditate. You can technically do it, but it’s not the safest place to be opening up like that. As soon as you open up you’re going to get run over by everything in the vicinity. While you’re astral you need to stay sharp and on the lookout for astral piranha. If you want to talk to your guides, meditate while you’re awake or invite them to a lucid dream where you control the environment. Astral projection is like walking into a rough bar at night. Protect yourself.

8. Can someone take over your body while you’re astral?

No. Your astral cord is like a bookmark, it holds your place. Nothing and no one can take your body while you’re out. That isn’t to say that something can’t be standing right next to it and when you want to go back to your body it tries to tell you that you don’t. Don’t listen to those blokes. They are not nice. You are allowed to go back to your body anytime you want. Simply will yourself back, or step back into your body when you’re ready to come back.

9. Can I die on the astral plane?

Well this is an interesting question. If anyone HAS died while astral projecting they’ve never been able to report it. So I think technically I’d have to say “I don’t know.” I have never died on the astral plane, and I’ve been attacked by some humdingers. This is why I’m saying only project if you really feel you have to, and stay safe while projecting.

10. What can you do on the astral plane?

When you’re out of your body there is more than one plane you can visit. If you stay on the prime material plane, you’ll just fly around your house, look in on your loved ones, freak out the cat, and maybe fly down the street.

You can also move yourself to a higher plane, where spirits and angels dwell. Go have a lovely chat with them. Get the tour, it’s great.

You can move through time, but only as an observer. If you think you’re going to go back in time and kill Hitler, don’t bother. It won’t work.

You can visit other planes that aren’t as compatible with your frequency or energy. When you do this, you will lose your sight, your hearing will likely be enhanced, and you’ll be really putting yourself at risk of getting attacked and drained. Only go to other planes with a strong guide.

You can visit with other astral friends if they can go astral at the same time. Pick a spot to meet on the prime material plane and arrange a time to meet. Then wait. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

And you can engage in astral sex, which I’m sure doesn’t interest you in the slightest. Oh? It does? Read my article on astral ecstasy then (if you’re over 18).

Be safe out there! I don’t want to hear that any of you have crossed over while out of body. Now go get ’em tigers!

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