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How can I tell if my readings are accurate and beneficial?

Question: How will I know if my tarot card readings are beneficial and accurate? – Anushri

Answer: Ideally, any intuitive reading, no matter how it is conducted, or what tools are used, will include some information that can be used to validate your connection to spirit.

In other words, something should come through that you don’t know but that your sitter does. That will confirm for both of you that are connected to spirit.

Subsequent information that comes through can then be trusted.

It’s really important to make sure you put yourself at a high vibration before you tune in and conduct a reading, as it is possible to make contact with lower vibrational beings who don’t have you or your sitter’s best interest at heart.

As for being beneficial, a reading should empower, inspire, and motivate your client. You are there to provide a map of the trail they are traversing through life. If all you’re picking up are the dangers and pitfalls near your client’s path, then go deeper and find out from their guides what your client needs to do to get away from the danger and start moving in a healthy, safe, happier direction.

Good luck!

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