Learning to Have Premonitions

Most people probably think that premonitions are something that just happens to you, out of the blue, an intuitive insight that hits you over the head with such urgency that you can’t avoid receiving it. But that’s not entirely true. What if you could have premonitions whenever you wanted them?

A premonition is foreknowledge of an event through means other than logic and probability. Mostly you’ll hear about how people had a premonition that a big event or catastrophe was going to happen. A flood, earthquake, terrorist attack, etc. People will dream about it, or they’ll just have a feeling.

The reason people get premonitions about major events is because there is a ton of energy in them. Think of it like a radio broadcast. When your spirit guides find out about an imminent threat, they start broadcasting warnings. Imagine a catastrophe that is going to affect thousands of people and you’ve got potentially hundreds of thousands of guides collectively broadcasting warnings at their humans on earth. Someone is going to pick up that broadcast. Not everyone surely, but some people will.

A premonition is simply you picking up on the broadcast. Now what you need to know is that your guides are always broadcasting. Maybe they’re not broadcasting something terribly urgent or life threatening, but they’re always chattering at you. Can you hear them? Are you tuned in to their station? Can you pick up what they’re saying?

If you study intuition, you can develop the ability to receive the broadcast whenever you want. In this manner, you’ll be able to talk to your spirit guides directly. And you won’t just receive tidbits here and there. If you can tune in directly and consciously you can then have conversations with them and help create your future instead of just being warned about something imminent. You can co-create your life instead of just reacting to the waves of energy impacting you.

As a professional intuitive, I’ve learned how to tune in to talk to my guides whenever I want. I don’t do it all the time as that would be energetically draining and I don’t want to know about every little thing that’s coming. But lately, I’ve been trying to teach my daughter, Emily, who is currently 13 to begin to tune in to her broadcast. And we’ve had some success.

I told her that her guides were trying to tell her things that would help her in her daily life. And of course she asked how she could know what they wanted her to know. I told her to listen to that voice in the back of her mind, the one that tells her what to do. It’s a voice many people ignore.

So a few months back she heard the voice in the back of her mind tell her to grab 4 dollars from her drawer. She didn’t know logically why she needed it, but she did what I told her to do and listened to the voice. She put the four dollars in her pocket.

On the way to school I normally give her 4 dollars so she can buy lunch. But that day, I forgot to give her money. Later in the day I was bummed because I remembered she had no lunch money and I didn’t have time to take her any. When she came home she said, “Mom! I listened to my intuition and took 4 dollars to school today even though I didn’t know why I needed to and then when I got to lunch I realized you didn’t give me any money but I had the 4 dollars in my pocket!” She was super excited.

So she started listening and acting on her intuition every time she got one of those feelings, or any time she heard the voice tell her to do something. As the months passed, she started really becoming familiar with the voice, so she knew when she was having a premonition instead of just a random thought. She’s begun acting on this voice whenever she is aware of it. So far, it hasn’t let her down.

She doesn’t always know why she needs to do something, but when she listens to the voice, it becomes clear later in the day. She is enjoying this new “power” of premonition.

If you want to have premonitions and get foreknowledge of events that are going to impact you, start tuning in to your broadcast.

You’ll hear a little voice in the back of your mind telling you what to do.
“Go left now.”
“Go shopping today, not tomorrow.”
“Call John right now.”

See what happens when you follow the voice. You’ll probably see the reason for the warning. Maybe you won’t. If your guides tell you to go left and you do, they may have saved you from an accident you’ll never know about. But some things are easy to figure out like when my daughter heard the voice telling her to take her own money to school.

Premonitions are not reserved only for the psychic. Everyone can have them. But you’ve got to learn to hear that voice and you’ve got to act on it. Your guides are there for you even when you’re not aware of them. Think about how powerful your life could be if you had a little inkling of what was coming before it hits you.

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