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A Ghostly Feast: Connecting with Family on the Other Side

My dad’s cousin Manny passed away a couple of days ago. He was in his 80’s and died peacefully in his sleep after a short battle with cancer. When my dad called me to give me the news he asked if I could reach Manny using my medium abilities. I told him I would give it a shot.

When I do mediumship for clients, I simply tune in to the deceased person’s energy if it is present, and I’m able to convey information and validation for my client. But when I tune in to someone I knew personally I need to do it differently so that I can get my own validation.

There are two ways I can do this: astral projection or lucid dreaming.

With astral projection, my soul leaves my body and I can travel to the same plane that deceased people dwell, a place I call the ether. It’s a very safe place to communicate with deceased relatives, with no chance of being interrupted by a lower vibrational being.

It can be difficult to get to this plane if you’re not practiced at it, but you can ask for guidance or help from angels, your deceased relatives, or your spirit guides.

Astral projection usually requires more effort than lucid dreaming, and since I am a master at lucid dreaming, I decided to try to connect with Manny in a dream.

To prepare myself and give myself the greatest chance at success, I laid in bed thinking about Manny and his energy. He was a lovely carefree individual, and one of my favorite extended relatives. He always told the best stories. I spent a summer working for him at his record store in Hollywood. Good times.

So I locked on to his energy. Then I sent out the intention to connect with Manny if he was available. I asked my guides to help me make the connection, to let Manny know I wanted to speak with him, and to see if they could boost his signal and help bring him to me.

Then I went to sleep ready for my lucid dream experience. When I awakened in my dream, I found myself in my grandmother’s old home, a place I lived in for a year, so I was very familiar with it. My grandmother came out of the kitchen holding a plate of food and told me to sit down. She said the entire family was coming to see me.

I was thrilled. I’ve been to a few of these ghostly family dinners where I sit and talk with my deceased relatives. It’s a kick.

I sat down and the next person to arrive was my uncle, Alan, who also died within the last year. I was so excited to see him. I ran to give him a hug and ask him how he was doing. He told me was fine, happy, and to stop eating so much sugar. He used to say that to me while he was living as well. Some things never change. 😉

Before long, the house filled with all my deceased relatives, including ones who died before I was even born. We sat down and I said, “So I’m here to see Manny.”

My grandmother said, “Yes, we know. He’s not here yet.”

I said, “Where is he?”

She replied, “He’s still experiencing.”

I said, “What does that mean?”

She said, “He’s walking around the earth visiting people he knew. He’s also looking at places he was always interested in visiting. Think of it like he’s taking a round the world trip but as a spirit. He’s enjoying himself immensely.”

I said, “Is that normal?”

She said, “When a person dies they are free to experience anything and everything they desire. A person sometimes relives old memories. Sometimes they just hang around relatives who are grieving. Sometimes they travel. Eventually he will disengage from that and come here.”

I said, “How long does that take?”

She said, “It’s less an expression of time than it is of frequency. When he’s done experiencing at that frequency, he will come to this frequency.”

I said, “Oh. Okay. But he’s fine and happy and all that right? He’s not in distress?”

She said, “Not at all. He’s in joy.”

I spent what felt like an hour feasting with my family, talking, reminiscing, sharing stories. It was awesome. At the end of the meal, my uncle Alan gave me a hug and told me it was time to go back. My entire crew of relatives waved goodbye to me and told me to take care and be happy. My uncle escorted me to the door and when I stepped through it, I woke up.

So I didn’t make contact with Manny, at least not yet. But it was a fantastic experience and I’m grateful to have made contact with my relatives on the other side.

You can connect with your deceased loved ones too. Work on your lucid dreaming skills, pre-program a dream location, lock on to their energy, see what happens. You’ll be able to tell the difference between a dream and a real contact.

I will go back at some point and see if Manny is at the table. For now, I wish him well on his journey and am glad he is enjoying his travels.

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