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Are you on the right path?

People often ask me during readings whether they are on the right path or not.

“Should I go back to school or is that not the right path for me?”

“Should I stay with Joanne or is she not the right person for me?”

“Should I move to Los Angeles and pursue acting, or is that not the right path for me?”

There is no right path.

There are only choices and experiences. Choices and consequences of those choices.

Every choice you make leads you to another experience.

Yes, some experiences are painful, some are uncomfortable, some are devastating.

Some experiences are joyous, liberating, fantastic.

But there is no right or wrong path. When you think in terms of right or wrong, you are implying that there is a successful path or a failed path through life. And that’s disempowering.

You cannot take a wrong turn. You cannot make a right choice. There is just your choice and the experience of the consequences of that choice.

Now a better question to ask is, “Am I on a path that will lead me to the experience of joy?” That’s a question your guides can answer.

“Am I on a path that leads to a loving relationship or an abusive relationship?” Great question.

“I would like to experience abundance. Will my current career path lead to abundance?” Awesome question.

You are the creator of your life. Life does not create you. If you can get some clarity on the type of experiences you want to have, then you can quiz the universe to see which path leads to that experience.

But I don’t want you running around life thinking you’re making mistakes. You can’t fail at life. And I don’t want you thinking there is only one right path and if you don’t discover it then you’ve failed somehow.

If you take a path in the maze of your life that leads to an experience you didn’t want or didn’t like, turn around and try another path. If there is something in your life that you are experiencing right now that you dislike, take another path. Make a change. Try something new. Create a new experience.

The more you can make conscious choices about the kind of life you want to have, the better your life will be.

So instead of wondering whether you are on the right path or wrong path, start asking yourself if you’re on a path that pleases you.

It’s the only path that matters.

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