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God Walks the Battlefield

Last night I dreamed I was God. And there was a war, a big catastrophic war, and thousands were dying. I was walking through the carnage, the battlefields, among the people, the dying. They knew I was God and a crowd gathered around me.

One from the crowd asked, “God, why are you allowing this war? Look at the devastation.”

And I replied, “Why are YOU allowing this war? I gave you a playground to play in and you’ve turned on each other.”

Someone said, “But can’t you stop it? Can’t you just put an end to this war?”

I said, “How would you learn not to fight if I stopped your war? How would you learn not to hurt each other if I ended this war for you? Would you not simply fight about something else?

Another in the crowd said, “But can you not heal the wounded?”

I answered, “YOU must heal them. You must see the suffering in their eyes and make a decision about what you will allow in the future and what you will not tolerate.”

Someone said, “We didn’t want this war. We didn’t start this war. Why must we suffer?”

I replied, “Those who suffer are the ones that learn the most. Those that suffer are the ones that end wars. It is the ones who suffer who demand change with the loudest voices. You are being given an opportunity.”

Someone cried, “Don’t you care? Doesn’t it bother you that we are being attacked and are dying?”

I said, “I care and it disturbs me deeply. Too many of you are being prematurely kicked out of the playground and coming home, bruised, battered, and beaten. I did not make this playground for you to hurt each other.”

More people clamored for my attention but I withdrew. There was burning, destruction, and despair all around me.

I found one of the generals responsible for the latest attack and stood in front of him, silently.

He looked up, amazed to see me standing there.

“God! It’s you! Do you see what we have done in your name? Do you see how we have honored your wishes?” the man said proudly.

I shook my head at him, pity filling my heart.

I said to the man, “My wishes? No. Your heart is closed, you cannot hear me.”

The man said, “Do you see how we have punished the infidels? Do you see how we are cleansing the world for you?”

I said to the man, “Your eyes are closed. You do not see me.”

He said, “What rewards and riches do you have in store for us?”

I walked silently away from the general.

I stood back from the world and looked upon the playground I had created.

An angel came to stand beside me and said, “Will they learn?”

I said, “They will learn.”

“Will it be in time?” the angel asked.

“That I cannot say.”

Together we prayed, for even a God can pray.

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