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Do the Dead Haunt the Living?

I’ve gotten a number of emails over the years from people asking whether they are being haunted by a recently deceased person. I’ve also gotten emails from people asking if animals slaughtered for food ever come back and haunt the people who ate them. So let’s talk a little about hauntings and how that all works.

No matter what the circumstances were surrounding your death, you are immediately offered the opportunity to slough off your mortal identity, cross over into the light, and release any mental or physical affliction you carried while alive.

The vast majority of beings with souls do this. They let go and move on. Instantly and totally. Whether they died peacefully in their sleep at age 90, or whether they were gunned down, committed suicide, or eaten by humans, most beings just let go.

Why? Because our natural state is being in the soul-state. Our natural state is as a loving tendril of Source consciousness, and when we let go of our bodies, we immediately and quite joyfully return to that state of being one with the universe and with Source.

Why would we stick around, waving our arms and saying “boo” at people who are still alive? Why would we continue to suffer by staying angry or upset at the circumstances or people that may have contributed to our release?

But, you ask, don’t people want justice?

Justice is a human concern, a human need. The reality is that your soul remembers that you came to earth to play. So when you die, your soul remembers how utterly freaking awesome it is to return to the ether. There is no strong desire to stick around and haunt anyone. Even someone who did you wrong.

So who are all these ghosts that walk around plantations or battlefields, reliving their final moments for all to see?

Some people who die tragically choose not to cross over so quickly. They are locked into their memory and may act out or replay it for many years. But eventually they let go and are guided to the light.

I also see people sticking around when they fear judgment from the other side. Murderers, rapists, and others who fear God’s judgment can hang out a little longer if they desire. It’s not healthy though and it’s completely unnecessary. But this is why hauntings are rarely happening by people who had a lovely life. Only those who fear judgment have the impetus to hang on to this life and identity as long as they can.

Now let’s make a distinction between hauntings and visitations. Once you cross over peacefully and well into that good old light, that doesn’t mean you’re completely disconnected from your living loved ones. You are allowed to check in and tune in to see how your family is doing. But you’re not haunting them.

You’re connecting energetically from your new plane, you’re not hanging on to this plane in a desperate attempt to avoid judgment, siphoning the energy of the living to maintain your place in limbo. No. You’ve integrated onto the other side and upon occasion you check in. That’s a visitation and is usually pleasant for both parties.

Animals who are slaughtered do not haunt the humans or other animals who ate them. Only the body was eaten, not the soul, which is intact in every way on the other side.

The beings that bother you most from the other side are the non-corporeal, never-been-human type who feed off fear and control. But that is not a haunting in the strictest sense of the word.

Hauntings are truly rare. Souls released from the confines of their bodies are more than eager to return to the ether.

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