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Interview Erin: Questions by Kyle Lynch

Kyle Lynch is a 31 year old from Long Island. He’s always been interested with ideas and concepts not related to our physical reality. He hopes to find a balance of logic and spiritualism for himself and others.

If the collective conscious knows everything there is to know, and our consciousness is a part of the collective conscious, why are we here to learn things that we already know?

Great question. I would say we are not here to learn things but to experience a reality where we have physical bodies. Even Source has not experienced everything there is to experience, so we, as tendrils of Source consciousness, come here with the intention to explore reality within the confines of the physical 3-dimensional plane.

What is the most profound or life changing thing that a spirit guide has ever shown or told you?

That we are all conscious cells in the body of the universe. Like fingers on the hand of Source, or like limbs on the body of Source. We are all connected even when we appear to separate or apart. Therefore, what we do to others, we do to ourselves. If we hurt other people, we are just hurting the Whole. But if we are kind to others, we are being kind to the Whole.

If we are eternal spirits, wouldn’t limiting your being with astrological formation (zodiac characteristics and rules) during your incarnation into a physical body be somewhat limiting to your soul growth and conscious evolution?

You can’t play every character in a video game at the same time right? You pick your character’s traits before you enter the game and if you want to experience the game with a different character you make a new one and start the game again. There are an infinite number of permutations you can come up with so Source has an infinite cast of characters to send here.

How much does your diet affect your ability to astral project?

I have been able to astral project no matter what diet I’m on, whether that’s omnivorous, vegan or even raw. I believe all people are capable of astral projecting no matter what their diet is.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Don’t hold back!

The experience that comes to mind most readily is the time I was with my family at the Luxor having breakfast. I excused myself to use the bathroom and there was a line of people waiting for a stall. By the time I got to the front of the line the only stall open was the handicapped stall, so I went in, closed the door, hung up my purse, and sat down. Unbeknownst to me, my purse was swaying and it unlocked the door which then swung wide open. I was too far away from the door to close it with my foot (it was a huge stall) and so everyone in line was witness to me doing my business. A kind person came along and pulled the door closed and held it closed until I was done. Good times. 😉

How does one “let go” and let the Universe pave your destiny?

We’ll use a metaphor. You’re in a boat on a river. If you just let the river take you, you will have whatever experience the river puts you in. But if you’ve got an oar, you can use it to guide your path down the river so you have the experiences you want to have, rather than just the ones you get pushed into. I highly recommend using the oar to steer and paddle when necessary, but if you align your boat in the direction you want to go, then you expend much less energy trying to control its direction. Also the Universe doesn’t need to pave your destiny. You get to choose what kind of life and what kind of experiences you want to have. Once you are in vibration with that path, it’s easier to steer the boat in that direction.

How does one prepare themselves during their lifetime to become a spirit guide after ascending?

Great question. I like that you’re thinking ahead. 🙂 Spirit guides are chosen due to their suitability, experience, and abilities to guide. So here on earth, your life experiences may someday prove valuable to another soul just starting out in life. Also, learning to be non-judgmental is helpful. And learning patience is probably helpful as well. But when you return to the ether, you are going to regain a lot of knowledge and memories you don’t currently have access to, so you may be more suited than you realize. You’ll know when you get back there. Being someone’s spirit guide is a huge responsiblity and commitment. Not everyone ends up choosing to become a spirit guide to another.

Is there any person that has inspired you the most to be the person you are today? If so, how have they inspired you?

My ex-husband, Steve Pavlina, was the catalyst for me becoming who I am today. He helped me see that it was totally possible to live my truth, share my knowledge, and that I could help other people. He helped me see my value and encouraged me to open myself up to the world.

Besides constantly helping others, what’s your favorite thing about being a highly intuitive being?

I love knowing that I am a conscious and loving tendril of Source consciousness and that someday I will return to Love. Being able to tune in to beings from the other side and being able to astral project has removed all fear of death, which makes living that much easier.

If you really sat and meditated on this, how would the world be if everyone could easily tap into the collective conscious and astral project?

I’d like to believe that people would be instantly kinder towards each other, and in remembering where they really came from they would stop fighting over resources and religion. What a world that would be. 🙂

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