Paranormal Experience: The Bicycle Accident

This paranormal experience was submitted by Andrew:

When I was 12 yrs old I was riding my bike along a creek embankment on my way to baseball practice. This was before mandatory helmet laws (circa 1977) so I was just wearing some practice clothes. I was taking a short cut to the baseball field and decided to go down the embankment and get on the street below so I could go behind the middle school which led through the outskirts of a neighborhood and industrial park. I was on the embankment – about 20-25 ft above the road. I decided to go straight down the embankment and jump the curb instead of getting off my bike and walking it down to the street below. Yeah – I was 12.

So, I headed straight down and had some really good speed built up as I jumped the curb. I was focused straight in front of me as I didn’t want to hit any rocks or dips in the embankment so I wouldn’t crash. Just as I jumped the curb two things happened. There was a bright flash of light to my left and a voice shouted inside my head “Watch out!” I grabbed the brakes just as I turned my head and was hit by a car. I blacked out.

I woke up briefly laying on the street and heard this woman’s voice asking “Is he dead? Is he dead?” She was smoking a cigarette while a boy from the middle school stood over me and said “No. I think he’s alive.” Then I passed out again. When I woke up I was in the hospital emergency room getting x-rays. They were checking for any broken bones or brain damage as I had (miraculously) hit just to the front right of the car and had flown over the hood of the car onto the street. (I found this out later from eye witness testimony.) One fraction of a second sooner and I would have been run over.

I did not incur any major injuries and was back at school a couple days later. I did not realize until years later that I did suffer some vertebrae damage that was rectified in high school, but at the time the doctors thought it was a miracle that I didn’t experience any obvious broken bones or bruised areas of my body from the experience.

When I was older and looked back at that accident I was able to discern that inner voice that warned me at the last second to apply the brakes and look to my left which caused me to change direction ever so slightly from the one I was headed in, and it slowed me down just enough to narrowly miss a fatal accident. Today, I am sure without a doubt that my guardian angel, spirit guide or higher self was watching out for me that day.

Erin’s Commentary:
Great story, Andrew. Although guides, angels and higher selves tend not to interfere too often, there are definitely times when they will jump in with some invaluable assistance in the nick of time! In this case it was probably an angel. Angels tend towards protection more so than others. Glad you got the information in time to avoid an untimely death!

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