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You Might Be Cleopatra

Does anyone remember the New Age movement back in the 1980’s? Shirley Maclaine, crystals, Machu Piccu, past lives, big hair and shoulder pads?

I remember there were a lot of people delving into their past lives and coming up with outlandish claims.

“I was Cleopatra in a past life.”
“I was Caesar in a past life.”
“I was Jesus.”
“I was King Arthur.” 😉

Nothing put you on the crazy train faster than claiming you were a famous figure from history. Just how many Cleopatras were there for Heaven’s sake?

But I’ve been thinking about that recently, and you know what? Someone walking around on the Earth today could very well have been a famous figure from history.

Famous people reincarnate too.

Achieving notoriety on Earth doesn’t mean much on the other side. So a lot of people knew who you were. Big deal. You’re still a spirit having a human experience. If a bunch of people knew your name it really doesn’t matter.

All the famous people we know from history could be experiencing another incarnation right this very minute. It’s not like they got to the ether and were inducted into the People Hall of Fame or had their jersey retired. No. They completed an incarnation and probably made plans to come again.

So who are they now?

Maybe Cleopatra’s soul reincarnated as that little boy you see on the subway in a wheelchair.

Maybe Gandhi is tooling around Wall Street driving a BMW. (stay calm)

Maybe Caesar owns a Jewish deli in Los Angeles.

Rising to fame has nothing to do with a soul’s spiritual progression. You could have been the most famous, or infamous, person in history but when you start over, you start over.

Maybe Hitler is an ICU nurse right now, helping people who are dying. (Let that sink in)

Maybe YOU were a famous person from history. Maybe when you go through a past life regression you actually do remember being Cleopatra. Someone out there very well could be.

But the point is, it doesn’t really matter who you were or what you did in your previous lives. What matters is who you are today, what you’re learning today, and how you’re living your life today.

What legacy are you putting into the world? How are you changing the flavor of the soup?

One day, you’ll leave this life, and reincarnate again. When your future incarnation does a past life regression and sees the life you’re living right now, what do you think he or she will think of it?

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