Interview Erin: Questions by Anna Smith

These interview questions were submitted by Anna Smith, a soul who came to Earth to have loving experiences with others. Right now, she is setting on her lucid dreaming and astral projection journey.

How do you tap into Source in your everday life?

For me I just close my eyes and trigger the memory of where I came from. While we are in these human bodies we can feel, remember, and experience Source’s love, but it’s at only a fraction of what it will be like when we leave our bodies. When I remember Source energy, all my fears fall to the wayside. I remember that this existence is largely an illusion, a creation of our intentions and our minds, and I relax knowing that no matter what, in the end, everything will be totally fine.

You can see examples of Source all around you. As you watch people creating their realities you are seeing Source at work. As you watch people care for one another, you are seeing Source. Where you see Love, you are seeing Source. Remind yourself to look around once in a while and see the beauty that is this creation.

If you astral project, will another person sleeping with you in the same room know?

Not likely. When you astral project you are leaving your body behind. As your astral energy comes out of your physical body it is invisible to human eyes. A person who is extremely sensitive or intuitive could feel it happening though, if they were awake and watching. Otherwise, no one looking at you would see any alteration. You would look like you were sleeping peacefully.

Why did you choose to incarnate on Earth?

If memory serves me correctly, I came here to help people remember their connection to Source. To help people remember that we are all One. And to remind people that they create reality through intention.

Do people incarnate on other planets if their journey on Earth is over?

I’m not sure. So far in my travels I have not encountered a soul who has expressed that they have also incarnated on other planets or as other species. So I really can’t rule it in or out at this time. I imagine once we slough off our bodies and return to the ether, we will have a better idea about that. I don’t have any memories of being anything other than human.

How does one experience Oneness during astral projection?

When you astral project you are so in the moment, so aware of what is happening right around you. In that there is a sense of the “now.” The best way to experience Oneness while astral projecting is to connect your energy with a higher vibrational being, like a spirit guide, your higher self, or an ascended master.

You can also experience a merging energy by connecting with another human who is also astral projecting at the same time you are and who is at the same frequency as you are. It can be difficult to manage that, but when you do, it’s a priceless experience.

What is the most effective method of projection?

I believe it varies person to person. But the most effective method for me is to get up at 3am and sit awake in the dark for 30 minutes to 2 hours, then go back to sleep on my back. When I do this, I will always have a lucid dream, and sometimes I will also generate an astral field (high pitched sound of acceleration, tingling sensation as separation occurs, etc.). When I feel the astral sensation happening I consider myself very lucky, and off I go to play around in the astral plane.

In my book, The Astral Projection Guidebook, I discuss several ways to astral project. You can read the first chapter here.

How do you know if you are having astral sex with a demon?

You will see it, feel it, and be aware of it. You will notice it near you or on top of you. And you’ll feel it doing its thing. You’ll easily be able to detect that it’s not someone you’d want at a party. It will exude a very dark, malevolent energy. At the same time, what it does to you will feel exquisitely pleasurable, which is how it traps you into submitting to it. You must have the strength of will to tell it “no” and ask arch angel Michael to intervene on your behalf. Otherwise it will steal your vital essence, siphoning off your energy, and leaving you feeling really drained of energy for up to several days at a time. When it comes to demon sex, just say no. 🙂

Can you influence the physical world from the astral?

It’s extremely difficult to affect the physical world from the astral. If it were easy, all the entities would be doing it. 😉 When you are astral you are moving yourself to another plane, a non-physical plane. So you don’t really even have hands with which to move something in the physical. That said, there are ways to harness the energy and push into the physical world. I’ve only done it a couple of times. Nor do I really care to do much with it. Usually I’m too excited to go where I’m going than to play with where I’ve been. If you can master your astral energy you can probably affect the physical world, but it will take a ton of effort.

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