Lucid Dreaming Combat

In a previous blog article, Practicing Your Lucid Dreaming Skills, I wrote about having a lucid dream where I was attending a lucid dreaming class and the instructor was teaching people how to fly in their dreams. At the end of that dream, one of the dream characters somewhat jokingly suggested that I should teach the class a future course on lucid dreaming.

I didn’t think much of it when I woke up, but recently, that is exactly what happened.

In the dream, I was sitting in a room with a bunch of students in front of me. I became lucid and said, “What the heck is going on here?”

Someone pointed to the blackboard behind me and written on the blackboard was “Lucid Dreaming: Combat” and underneath, “How to fight the big bads.” I thought to myself, “Oh great, I’m teaching defense against the dark arts in a lucid dream. This should be fun!”

I said, “Hi, yes, well, let’s get on with it then. How many of you are new to lucid dreaming?”

Almost all the hands went up.

I said, “Alright then, today we’re going to learn how to fight in a dream so that if you ever encounter a bad guy or you’re having a nightmare, or god forbid you get attacked by a conscious lower vibrational entity, you’ll know what to do.”

Then I said, “Have you all mastered flight? Because that’s going to be a huge part of your dream combat skills.” Many students looked confused.

I said, “Let me demonstrate” and I took to the air, flying around the room. I showed them how to fly slowly and deliberately, how to hover, and how to zip along in quick spurts but stay in control.

I said, “See, you don’t even need to come down. You can stay airborne and just hover. This will be important later as it will give you a tactical advantage over your ground-based enemies. But you should know that a lot of your enemies will be able to fly as well.”

We practiced flying for what seemed like 30 minutes in dream time.

Then I took them outside of the building.

We started talking about dream combat skills and I asked the students if any of them were aware of their dominant combat skills. Only a couple of students had any idea what I was talking about.

One student said, “How do we know what our powers are?”

I replied, “You don’t. You DECIDE what your powers will be, and then you manifest them, practice, and use them until they are second nature to you. In a lucid dream you are limited only by your imagination. And in some combat situations you will be surprised by the skills of your enemies so I suggest you acquire many skills so you can draw upon whatever is appropriate when the time comes.”

They still looked confused. So I said, “Let’s see what comes up for you naturally, shall we?”

I had them line up and then I created/manifested some enemies to come down the street. I said, “In a few moments, a bunch of bad guys are going to show up. Spread out, pick a foe, and try your combat skills. And remember this is just a dream so you can’t really die.”

Everyone looked nervous but excited. I took to the air, hovering, so I could get a good vantage point and also stay out of everyone’s way. A few students also took to the air, but most stayed on the ground.

Sure enough, in a few moments, a gang of “bad guys” came down the street. They looked pretty mean, and they struck first. They spread out, picked out a student, and began attacking.

Some of my students got taken out with one shot. Some were brave enough to engage but were easily pushed back or blasted by the experienced dream characters. And a couple were able to fend off their bad guys for a little while, but it became clear to me that they were all out-matched.

I paused the bad guys and gathered the students. One said, “I just don’t know what my options are. Other than flight, I mean, what super powers can I use? How do I make them work?”

I said, “Ah, okay, it’s hard to place an order when you don’t know what’s on the menu right? Let me demonstrate some of your options. Stand behind me.”

All the students got behind me. I re-activated the bad guys.

I took to the air immediately to give myself an advantage. Then I manifested an energy bow and started shooting arrows of energy at some of the targets. I killed 4 of them and yelled down to the students, “Distance attacks are your friend. The more distance between you, the better. But eventually your foes will catch on and close the gap.”

As more enemies approached me, some from the air now, I used a telekinetic push to shove them all back. I shouted to my students, “Group attack power. If there are a lot of bad guys coming, use an area effect attack to keep them off you until you can either get away or find a way to defeat them all.”

The students looked on with excitement. I think they were impressed by the magnitude of power they would soon have at their disposal.

Then I said, “Now that there are only a couple left, you can go to hand-to-hand combat. Watch.”

I flew down to the ground and engaged two bad guys using martial arts tactics I don’t actually possess in real life, but which I’m amazing at in my dreams. I also manifested a sword and showed them how to use energy weapons in dreams.

In short order I had them all licked. I reconnoitered with the students and answered all their questions about powers, options, and how to use them. They were super excited. I told them to practice with a partner.

“In addition to practicing hand to hand combat, weapons, distance attacks, and area effect attacks, you should also practice defensive skills like shielding and becoming invisible or insubstantial so you can avoid a fight you don’t want to have. Also, practice healing. Remember that anything you can imagine is at your disposal so open your minds to the possibilities and play.”

I watched as the students paired off and started practicing. I was having a great time and feeling fairly pleased with myself, when something unexpected happened.

There was a rumbling coming from down the street. Sounded really ominous. Around the corner came what I can only describe as a Titan. A huge giant that must have been 100 feet tall. With him was a human-sized Valkyrie warrior woman dressed in black armor, with a sword, and riding a black flying horse I also saw a small man in a red robe with black smoke coming off him. There were a few more characters in the background that I couldn’t see clearly, as I was pretty focused on the Titan.

More importantly, I realized I didn’t create these dream characters and they weren’t part of my program.

The Valkyrie flew toward me and said, “Who gave you permission to train new warriors? This is not allowed. We will squash them like bugs while you watch and then you will pay for your transgression.”

I was suddenly very afraid for my students. In fact, these new bad guys were casting a fear energy at all of us and my students were cowering behind me. I didn’t really blame them. I was sort of wishing I had some trained back up in that moment myself.

I said to the Valkyrie, “Now wait a minute. You don’t have any right to tell us what we can or cannot do. You don’t belong here. I won’t allow you to hurt my students. Leave us alone.”

The Valkyrie said, “You are way out of your league, girl. We will show you what real dream warriors can do.”

With that, they charged. The only thing I could think of to do was put an enormous force field around myself and my students. I yelled to all my students, “Class is over, wake yourselves up please, as fast as you can. I’ll hold them off until you’re all awake.”

One student said, “No, we’re not going to leave you alone with these guys. We can help.”

The Valkyrie swooped towards me, but she hit my force field and bounced off.

The Titan moved slowly but powerfully. The ground shook every time he took a step towards our group. I heard one student yell to the others, “Let’s tackle the Titan. Remember Gulliver’s Travels? Let’s take him down.” My students swarmed around the Titan who started swatting at them like they are mosquitoes.

But my biggest worry was the little man in the red robes. I knew he was a sorcerer, and I wasn’t sure what sort of spell he might cast, but it’s really hard to defend against something you don’t know is coming.

I kept my force field up and was just getting ready to distance attack the mage, when he looked up at me with crooked teeth and an even more crooked smile and waved his hand ever so slightly at me. “Sleep” he whispered.

“What?” I thought to myself. But in a moment I knew what he’d done, as I felt myself losing consciousness, in my own dream! But the damage was done. The sleep spell had me in its grip and I couldn’t resist it.

I felt myself falling from the air, knowing that when I hit the ground it would be very jarring, but I hoped it would cause me to awaken in real life, as I hoped it would end the experience safely for everyone.

I felt strong hands catch me though. And I fell asleep, with the sounds of battle raging on around me. The last thing I heard was one of my students say, “Shit, now what are we going to do?”

Now I’m in a dream, sleeping. I’m sleeping, inside my own dream. But I had a bright idea. If I’m asleep, I can dream. So I created a new lucid dream inside my original lucid dream. Very “Inception,” I know. But you use whatever resources and abilities you have at your disposal.

Since these bad guys appeared to be conscious, low vibrational beings, I decided to call in some conscious, high vibrational beings. I used my new dreamscape to reach out to the universal celestial beings for help.

More quickly than I could have hoped, some appeared. They too ranged in shape and size. This lovely angelic being caught my attention as she floated down towards me. She had flowing brown tresses, a white diaphanous gown, a golden diadem in her hair, and a knowing smile.

She lifted me off the ground, stood me up, dusted me off, and said in a decidedly Scottish accent, “Well now, what do we have here? Just what did ya think you were doing, darlin? You’ve attracted the attention of some powerful beings, ya know.”

I sort of stammered, “I didn’t exactly invite them to the class. I was minding my own business.”

She said, “I know, child. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of the situation for you. But first, let’s get you back into your own dreamscape.”

She somehow negated the sleep spell and I was back in my original dream where I saw my students in various stages of getting their asses kicked. I was touched, however, that there had been three students guarding my sleeping body, defending me as best they could.

One said, “Oh, you’re awake. Thank God. We don’t know what to do!”

I said, “It’s alright. I brought reinforcements.”

In a moment, the good guys appeared en masse. My Scottish angel winked at me and said, “Watch.”

I was so curious to see how they were going to handle the situation. One of the celestial beings, a thick, well-built man wearing armor, said in a very booming voice, “You’ll be going back now and you’ll be leaving these nice folks alone.”

He stomped his foot on the ground and clapped his hands at the same time. A thunder clap sounded, and a hole was ripped in the fabric of my dreamscape. Inside the hole I saw stars.

All of the bad guys developed a look of severe and utter panic on their faces. Then it seemed like a huge vacuum sucked them all into the void. They screamed as they were sucked through this portal.

The man turned to me and said to the angel, “Explain things to her while I go make sure our guests are comfortably detained in their own dimension.”

Scottish gal turns to me and says, “Twas a good thing you thought to be doing here, but you emanate a lot of power and you attract some nasty ilk. Please be careful if you decide to do this again. But if you get into trouble, just call us. We will come. Always.”

I said, “But who are you guys?”

She said with a twinkle in her eyes, “We’re who you’re going to be about 50 levels from now.”

Okay, that was confusing. She said, “You’ll understand in time. Be careful, dear one. Say goodbye to your students and get them home to their beds.”

With that she phased away.

I gathered my students around me. Everyone was talking at once about what just happened. I explained it as best I could. “The last lesson I’ll give you for the night is that sometimes, if you are overwhelmed, and you don’t think you can win the battle or get away, you can call out to the unseen helpers that police the universe. They will help you. And apparently they are quite awesome. Now I’m going to end this dream. Get home. Remember what you learned here. Practice your dream skills. Practice hard!”

I laughed a little, snapped my fingers, and woke up in my real bed at home. It was a heck of a class though, and a heck of an adventure.

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