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Don’t be Dissin’ the Demons

Someone asked me the other day why God created demons. He wanted to know why God, who is all about Love and Light, would create something that could hurt us, or that was so evil. He asked me if I would write a blog article about it. Here is that article.

First, you need to know that I am not a supreme being. I know, shocker right? So the way I’m going to explain this may resonate with you or it may not. But here is exactly what I think about this subject at this point in time.

First, Source is Consciousness. You can call it God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I believe there is an expansive energy out there that created the universe on purpose, or at least set it in motion.

I believe this because it’s what I remember and what I’ve experienced. Your mileage may vary.

Inside this creation are all kinds of creatures. You’ve got corporeal creatures who live on Earth, like humans, animals, plants, bacteria, etc.

And you’ve got other conscious beings who live on other planes inside the overall creation. We refer to these beings as lower vibrational entities, demons, higher celestial beings, aliens, deceased people. There’s a whole plethora of other beings in the cosmos besides what you see on Earth.

Now, to understand why demons and lower vibrational entities are not evil, you have only to look at nature or predators and prey. On Earth, a mountain lion is going to hunt, kill, and feed on a fluffy little lamb. It’s what it does in order to maintain its existence.

Does the lamb pray to Source and say, “Why have you created mountain lions? What did I ever do to you? Am I not worthy of living?”

The mountain lion, on the other hand, might say to God, “Thank you for providing me with food while I am here.”

Did God create the mountain lion so that lambs would live in fear? No.

What about bees? I don’t go around being angry at God for creating stinging insects. They have as much right to be here as anything else does. But I learn how to stay away from stinging insects so I don’t get hurt.

Could I inadvertently walk into a beehive? Yes. Will the bees come out and sting me? Probably. Are they evil? No.

These other beings – the ones that feed off our mortal energy – some of them exist by feeding off fear. Is it helpful for them to approach you as a fluffy ball of Tinker Bell light? Not if they need you to be afraid. So when you see them, they’re going to be all snarly, scary, and monstrous. It’s how they roll.

They are going to exude a chemical that causes you to feel fear. So they can feast. Thems the breaks.

Now the vast majority of humans are never bothered by a single entity, ever! The ones who do get preyed on are the ones who wander into the entity’s domain. Or the ones who invite these entities to play. If you are going to poke a beehive you can’t be upset if you get stung.

Everything in creation works in balance. What you see as evil or scary is just another species trying to exist.

So did God create the demons? Yes. Does he let them feast on human energy? Sure if they can hunt it and find it. Can you avoid these entities if you want to? Yes, quite easily.

Keep your vibration high, stay away from fear. And if you’re getting gnawed on by something nasty, call the archangels to help you or give it a swat on the nose with your high vibration.

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