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Paranormal Experience: A Visit from Tinkerbell

This paranormal experience was submitted by Joy:

Our daughter passed in 2004 from ovarian cancer. She was 26.

On Christmas Eve in 2013, I was reading the letters she sent us while she had been in the Navy. On Christmas Day I was watching television in our bedroom. The curtains were drawn and there was nobody else around.

I noticed this white light coming out of the electrical outlet. It was bright white. It was not round. It had jagged edges all around it, like Tinkerbell’s light. That’s the only way I can describe it. Karen and I loved Tinkerbell.

The light started moving slowly half way around the room and back. I just sat there and watched it very calmly. All I could think to say was “Hi Karen, I love you and miss you very much.”

It made the same movement again and then it went back into the outlet.

On January 30, 2014 it happened the same way all over again. I never said anything to my husband because I didn’t want him to think I was nuts.

Now the past couple of weeks, the television is turning on by itself. It has happened three times. I don’t know if that’s Karen or not, but I hope it is. She was cremated and she is with us in an urn.

I have not seen the light since January 30, 2014. All I can think of is that she came to say goodbye and she was on her way to wherever she had to go next.

Erin’s Commentary:

Joy, what a wonderful experience. Sometimes deceased loved ones come back in ways that are very special and meaningful to us, and in ways we’ll know it’s them. It sounds like Karen made a special effort to give you the Tinkerbell sign so you would know it’s her.

Even though she has fully crossed over, she is still connected to you. Don’t be surprised if she sends you other signs on occasion. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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