Interview Erin: Questions by G. Perry

These interview questions were submitted by G. Perry, an empath, mother, wife and lifelong student.

Which psychic gifts do you find most interesting to learn about and why?

I find clairvoyance to be very interesting. When I’m doing a reading for a client, I receive a metaphorical image that relates to the issues my client is having. Contained in that metaphor is an indication of what my client is currently struggling with, then I get information about what they need to do in order to move in a more positive and constructive direction. It always amazes me how guides can come up with the most detailed metaphors that contain everything I need to help my client.

What I’d like to learn more about personally is remote viewing. That would help me find missing people while volunteering with my Search and Rescue team. I am often able to know whether a missing person is living or deceased, but locating them is more difficult for me. I think remote viewing could help me with that.

Since there are so many different spiritual beings around us, and so many different ways we can successfully connect with them, how does one know which ones we are connecting to in any given prayer, use of a divination tool, or any request to communicate, or any action we take? And are the beings we aren’t intending to communicate with still listening or aware of our communications with the ones we are intending to talk to? Can we get “answers” from those we actually don’t mean to hear from?

Communication is all about vibration. If you are in a high vibration yourself, you will attract high vibrational beings to respond to you. If you are in a low vibration, sometimes a lower vibrational being can interfere with your attempts at communication. Now that doesn’t mean if you’re sad you shouldn’t reach out to the universe for guidance. You must simply ask for a high vibration being to connect with.

Before I go talk to my guides or my clients’ guides, I do a meditation to raise my vibration and to ensure I am communicating with high vibrational beings.

Low vibrational beings could technically listen in to any conversation but most will have no interest in what you’re talking about.

The best thing you can do to ensure your prayers, thoughts and questions are going to the right place is to raise your vibration before you connect.

Are there any differences between what happens when you are doing readings in the energy of children versus adults? What about animals?

I don’t read directly for children, but often adults will ask about their children during their readings. I can get a good indication of the child’s nature and an indication of what the child intended to do in this lifetime. Many parents find that helpful so they know how to support and steer their child in a direction that is in alignment with the child’s higher intention.

As for animals, sometimes when I’m doing a reading a deceased animal will come through with a message. Animals communicate very differently than deceased humans. They send emotions and they send images of their life with their human companions. It’s really sweet.

With adults, I get a ton of information. Once I tune in to the adult’s guides, I get all kinds of information about what the person is up to, where they will be happier and how to get there. It’s usually very practical information and guidance.

Is it true that there are some soul ties between people that are impossible to sever?

Technically we’re all tied together as One, like fingers on a hand, so there’s that to consider. But I think what you mean is soul connections with familiar spirits. I’ll say this – you are allowed to interact with anyone you desire as long as there is mutual consent. So if you feel tied to someone you don’t care about anymore, you can move to another part of the ocean 🙂

What is the most emotionally touching or moving experience you have ever had during a reading for someone?

Great question. I was doing a reading for a guy in the UK once. While we were talking about his career, the spirit of a recently deceased baby came through to me very strongly. Here is roughly how the conversation went.

Erin: Okay I’ve got a baby coming through very strongly. Did you recently lose a baby?
Guy: No, but my sister lost her 6 month old baby just a few weeks ago.
Erin: Ok and he’s saying he had an older brother who is 9 years old. Is that right?
Guy: Yes, my sister’s other son is 9 years old.
Erin: Okay the baby is coming through with a message for the 9 year old. He’s saying, “Yes you’re still my big brother.” Do you know what that means?
Guy: (Pausing for a moment, then sounding a little choked up) Yes, at the funeral the 9 year old kept asking his mother if he is still a big brother now that his baby brother is gone.
Erin: Please get this message to the family and to the 9 year old. The baby spirit is saying, “You will always be my big brother.”
Guy: That’s amazing. That is exactly what has been bothering the 9 year old. He loved his baby brother so much and had been so excited to be a big brother, and he’s just been so lost since the baby died.

I was so moved by the energy of this baby coming back to tell his brother that they will always be brothers, I started to cry during the reading, which I have never done. By the time I was off the phone I was balling. The baby’s loyalty, love, and connection were so strong. It really moved me.

Do you ever have spiritual information revealed to you about strangers you encounter in stores or other public places? Do you ever approach them and share what you are receiving about them?

I used to experience that when I was first starting the process of becoming a professional intuitive. I’d be in the grocery store or at the mall and pick up on personal details of a person’s life.

One time I was at a store checking out and the lady behind the register was very obviously pregnant. Her deceased grandmother told me quite proudly that it was a girl and they were naming it after her. So I said to the gal, “So you’re having a girl eh?” And the lady said, “How did you know?” Then I said, “And you’re naming her after your grandmother aren’t you?” She took a step back and eyed me suspiciously and said, “Yes, how did you know?” She was not at ALL pleased with me. She looked at me like I was channeling the Devil. I learned not to do drive-by readings after that.

I also now have a conduit guide, Bob, who acts as a gatekeeper for me. He keeps people out who don’t belong in my mind, and he lets clients’ guides in so I can do readings. He’s the bouncer and the guardian.

What do you think about the psychics/mediums that have television shows and are you fans of any in particular? Which ones and what makes them stand out to you?

I don’t watch those shows typically. I find the energy of some of them to be a little off-putting and not professional. Back in the day I really liked watching John Edward on Crossing Over. I’ve been to several of John’s engagements and he is definitely one of the most accurate, wonderful and compassionate mediums out there.

I have been offered the opportunity to do several reality shows but so far have turned them down. With reality shows, the producers are looking for drama and conflict to get viewers and I don’t want to be part of that. If I could do a show where the subject was treated respectfully and professionally, I would consider it.

In recent years there have been people that claim to have visited heaven or hell and have written books and appeared on talk shows to share their experiences. Do you believe there is a heaven and hell, and what do you think about their revelations?

I don’t believe in Hell, at least not the bibilical hell. I believe the worst place you can be is disconnected from Source, and that will feel like hell. And I believe heaven is simply the vibrational place you go when you leave your body for good. You go back to Source, which is loving and unconditional.

Can negative entities ever take on human form and walk among us, as it is said that angels do? Have you ever encountered such a person?

That’s a good question. I do think negative entities can influence, possess or temporarily take over a person and make them behave in bad ways. And I think the high vibrational beings can influence humans and do good and helpful deeds. But I am hard pressed to believe a good or bad being can take physical human form from scratch. So, getting into a human, yes. Being a human, I don’t think so.

Do you think that animal guides or animal totems are real?

I don’t have a lot of experience with animal guides or totems, but I think it’s possible that our own spirit guides can use animals as symbols of things. When I see a horse come up in someones reading, I know it’s related to freedom or lack thereof.

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