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Paranormal Experience: Leaving the Body

This paranormal experience was submitted by Gene:

I most definitely knew that I had left my body! This would be the first and, unfortunately, only out of body experience for me so far anyway.

This happened in the summer of 2004 and I was 27 years of age. I had just moved into this new apartment a few months prior to this. I was lying in my bed one night and just about ready to sleep, or so I thought. I knew I was in that stage between being asleep and being awake. I began to experience these “vibrations,” which is really a good way to describe them because that is exactly what they felt like. It seemed as though they were running up and down my torso in waves! I also had this paralyzed feeling in which I tried to move, but could not move. I had experienced this state before, but never did quite leave my body.

So, previously when I would experience this collection of sensations I would try and try to break free because I was afraid something must be terribly wrong. I did not like the feeling of being paralyzed! And with these weird vibrations running up and down my torso, I thought there was a slight chance this might stop my heart or something like that!

This time however, was quite different. I said to myself, “I am going to go through with this, just for the heck of it.” So I did go through with it, and the vibrations only seemed to get stronger and stronger! I worked up my courage to leave my body only to encounter what turned out to be a very evil entity! This entity, or demon, or whatever it was, was positioned to the left side of my head. He would not let me look at him. If I turned my head to the left where he was, he would just keep moving along with me as my head turned. It seemed like he was kind of sneering and growling.

This entity was very frightening, but at the same time, I managed to keep up my courage as best as possible and told myself I am going to go through with this. So, sure enough, the entity disappeared and I was up above my bed looking down upon myself in my dimly lit bedroom. I realized I was actually out of my body! I immediately wanted to move around, so I went out of the bedroom and into my apartment. I also thought to myself, “Hey, I think I can actually go through the walls.” So, I was going to go outside through the walls, and wanted to go flying, but sadly, as soon as I tried going through the walls, I was snapped back into my body! Hopefully I can find a way to have more astral experiences like that because I really would love to go flying!

Erin’s Commentary:

This was a wonderful and classic first projection experience.

First, Gene had experienced these sensations before but never projected outward. That is very common. People will experience sleep paralysis, get the vibration and tingling sensation and just for it to all be over. But what most people don’t realize is that those sensations are indications that your astral body has already separated from your physical body. You’re ready to fly!

Second, Gene experienced a low vibration being around him. This is very common, unfortunately, which is why most people don’t venture outward and just hope the experience ends as soon as possible.

Third, Gene made a conscious decision that he was going to project no matter what. This caused his vibration to rise from fear to courage which was enough to make the low vibrational entity go away. Then Gene was free to travel.

Commonly, first experiences don’t last too long, but Gene had enough time to fly around a bit and see his body lying on his bed.

Great job, Gene, getting out of your body and moving out of vibrational frequency with the entity. If this happens again you’ll be ready for more!

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