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Interview Erin: Questions by Shannon Terry

These interview questions were submitted by Shannon Terry. Shannon is a Resume Writer and Interview Skills Coach who uses her intuition combined with concrete professional expertise to help her clients reclaim their own job search confidence.

How many of your clients would you guesstimate ask questions in readings about their jobs/career direction?

About 50% of the readings I do are for clients who want advice about their careers. Most want to transition from a career they hate to a career they love, and during readings their guides will tell them what they are most suited for and how to make the transition as easily and as quickly as possible.

The other big questions I get are about relationships. People want to know if the person they are dating will be a good match for them long term, or they want to know how to fix a troubled marriage, or they want to know when and how they will find love next.

Then a small number of people ask about health, finances, where to live, how to help a family member with a problem, or they ask about their psychic or spiritual development.

How many of your clients would you guesstimate ask questions about their life purpose?

Most of the people who ask me career questions also want to be in a career aligned with their life purpose. The guides will look at a person’s intention for incarnating, and then tell us what type of career paths will satisfy them. In some cases, a person’s career path will have nothing to do with their life intention.

And how many seem to think their purpose and career are or should be one in the same?

I think most people think their career and purpose are the same. So I’m really careful to talk to them about their intentions for incarnating and only after that do we see if there is a career path that will help them fulfill that intention. I’ve met some folks whose intention was simply to raise powerful children, or play and wander their whole lives.

How often would you approximate, based on your experiences, is it the case that one’s life purpose and career are closely related?

Usually there is a path that is aligned with a person’s intention that could also be turned into a career path. The guides know that on Earth we use money to acquire resources, in most cases. So there are usually career options that align well with purpose and intention. Very few people incarnate with career ideas as a separate goal. What you want to do is determine your intention for incarnating and choose an income-generating career path that is aligned with the intention, because then it will be fulfilling on a spiritual and emotional level as well.

Do we each have a unique life purpose, or are there general themes/categories of purposes that can be played out in myriad ways?

In my experience in reading for thousands of individuals, I have seen that some people came here with the express intention to help the world shift in some way. And some people come here “on vacation” to experience life, to enjoy it, to play. To use an analogy… when you go on vacation, most of the people there are on vacation to relax and enjoy the experience, but some people are there working for those who are on vacation. Those employees are there to make the resort a more pleasant vacation for those on holiday.

What are some examples of life purposes you’ve heard talked about in readings/other spiritual experiences you’ve had, and ways one might live those purposes here on the planet?

I have seen distinct classes of energetic intentions.

For example, I encounter a lot of people with the helper energy. These people are here to help others with their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental difficulties. They are the nurturing caretakers of the world. People with this intention tend to go into counseling or social work, or the health care field, or they become clergy.

I’ve also seen people with the teacher-educator-trainer energy. These folks love to share knowledge with people in the world, to help them learn something new, or see things a new way. These are the teachers of the world, also trainers at large companies.

I’ve also met people with a strong communicator energy. They are the ones that are here to use their voices (written or spoken) to impact the world with their messages. Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve also encountered the leaders. These folks came here to move people or shift entire industries. They often become entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs. Donald Trump. Bill Gates.

What kinds of tools, resources and/or practices do guides recommend to help us determine our life purposes on our own? (Meditation? Prayer? Astrology? Past life regressions? Etc?)

There are many tools we can use, but all of them do the same thing, which is to put us back in touch with our higher self who can help remind us of our intention. Meditation is a great tool for that. Consciously connecting with your higher self during meditation is a great way to determine your intention.

As someone that (it seems to me!) IS one who’s life purpose and work/livelihood are aligned, please tell us a bit about your journey in both figuring this out, and, how you eventually transitioned into this, your life’s work, that might help those on a similar path of integrating work and purpose to also do so successfully?

I’ve always been drawn to the helping professions. I got my undergraduate degree in psychology and wanted to help people who were suffering emotional crises. But my life turned in various directions until I started my blog. I wanted to share some spiritual thoughts I had, so I started the blog. I wasn’t intending to become an intuitive counselor. But I was drawn very naturally into the process. I discovered I could speak to other people’s spirit guides, and pass along messages that would help people on their life paths. Being an intuitive counselor is extremely gratifying. Being able to help people get onto a path of happiness and fulfillment is extremely rewarding.

I’ve also heard that a lot of times, especially if our purpose isn’t particularly (or at all) aligned with our choice of job/career, that Spirit isn’t very focused on things we humans tend to really worry and wonder about, such as, “This job, or that one? This industry, or another?” that it’s really more about what we WANT, our preferences, and that we will be supported in pursuing them. What has been your experience & guidance on this aspect of the topic?

When you are involved in a career that is not aligned with your life purpose, there is a tendency to just be breaking even or even falling behind. If you were too successful at a career that is misaligned, you would be reluctant to leave it. So what I’ve seen time and again is that you are just hanging on or just breaking even or just getting by. But once you transition your career to doing something that is more in alignment with your life intention, the income increases and so does your fulfillment.

Have you had any examples of client readings that led to complete changes of career to align with their life purposes, and if so, could you share one or two?

I recall the client I told would become a dancer professionally. She was really disappointed in the reading because she had zero dancing skills and zero interest in becoming a professional dancer. Fast forward a few years and not only was she a professional dancer, she opened a dancing school and participated in dance tournaments. And she was very very happy. 🙂

When your guides tell you how to accomplish what you’ve always wanted to do, it’s very satisfying and fulfilling, and the transition is easier when they tell you what steps to take. If you are someone who needs assistance figuring out what career would be best for your intention, book a reading with me.

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